Friday, October 17, 2008


I was a late bloomer. I always had at least one good friend in my life and in fact, a friend since kindergarten is still a good friend. As a child though, I wasn't part of that inner circle that was so prevalent when and where I grew up. My hair wasn't right, my clothes didn't come from the right store and I was too shy to show the real me to those who seemed to judge worthiness by appearance.

When I came out of my shell, there was no turning back. I didn't even keep the shell as a souvenir or try to make something from the remnants. I never dreamed as a young child that I would have as many friends as I now have, or that it would become so easy to reach out and clasp a hand in friendship. Life is truly good.

This morning I read Judi's blog, Cranberry Blossom, and her post became the inspiration for my own. A very good friend had just sent me the same greeting in an email yesterday. When I saw it again this morning, I knew I should share something about friends.

Two of my close friends are neighbors that I have known for more than 30 years. Over the years we saw less of each other as we returned to the work force and the lives of children took us in different directions (usually in a car pool!) When one of them lost a childhood friend to cancer years ago, she decided that we needed to keep in touch at least once a month by way of a girl's night out for dinner. Our first initials are T, L and C. TLC: very appropriate for women being good to themselves and each other, no?

A few years ago for Christmas, I made these for each of us. The fabric is bonded to the background fabric, then applique stitched by machine. The fabric was then stretched over foam core to create a picture. The pattern was called Just Desserts.

Here is a close up, showing our lovely faces and beaded jewelry.

Don't ask me which one I am, but most likely I am the one on the left with the ice cream!

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow - I came because of the Blue Monday post, but I had to leave a message on your Just Desserts post! This is gorgeous! I love that you are enjoying your friends and you are extremely talented! What lucky friends to receive a gift like this... Thank you for visiting my vintage tablecloth on Blue Monday!...Donna