Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My meandering mind

During the course (two courses) of having the coughing crud, I envisioned doing things differently here and tried a second blog. It made sense at 2:30 one morning, but doesn't now. I've felt like I was without direction here and sometimes in my off-line time as well. I don't mean moral compass, spiritual or what-the-heck-day-is-this direction, just that I haven't been putting my time to good use.

Not that keeping one's backside warm while soaking one's tootsies is a waste of time.
I don't make New Year Resolutions, but I quietly resolve from time to time to implement a good habit. Often within hours of this quiet resolve, the you know what hits the fan.
Healthier meals in January? Not yet. That will come though. Hubby cares enough to keep me fed when I am down, out and under the covers, so I am certainly not complaining.

Getting up and active earlier in the day? That doesn't work well if you haven't been able to get to sleep until 4 am or later.

The list goes probably have your own list that gets derailed often.

None of this amounts to much in the long run. While it is good to have focus on healthier choices and daily schedules, it is also good to be flexible and bend rather than break. Many of my friends and relatives lost a loved one within the past few weeks, and most have been unexpected losses. I also have friends who deal with constant pain and frequently occurring health issues. I've been trying to crab about my own self less and focus more on what their lives are like. God bless them, it sure isn't easy.

Here is some humor while I clean out the other blog and rearrange some computer files.  If you made resolutions, I hope all is going well for you. If you didn't, c'mon over for some coffee and one of the cute cupcakes in blog header. Don't forget to bring your own Kleenex though...just in case.
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Sewconsult said...

Hope that you are among the upright (positional) folks soon. I felt great Monday, did too much, so I was back on the couch yesterday. Today, I had to go out of town to follow touch base with Mother's attorney. I would much rather have stayed on the couch. Want to make bets on what I do tomorrow?