Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holy cow, this cowl is huge!

I recently participated in a mystery knit along. All I knew before beginning was the weight and amount of yarn I would need; needle sizes; and that the finished project would be a cowl. Directions are given in installments in a mystery knit along.

A cowl can be loose and drapey or more close fitting to the neck. Usually gauge is important, but when making something that doesn't require an exact fit, such as a scarf, the pattern may not give a gauge. I am a very relaxed knitter who knits loosely. I usually have to go down a size in needles to achieve the correct gauge when one is given. Not knowing what the finished project was going to look like, I followed directions as given.

The cowl was knit on circular needles with the size changing along with the pattern stitches. The cowl began and ended with a linen stitch. The second and fourth of five sections was done in herringbone, and the middle was plain stockinette. When these were complete, the short ends of the cowl had stitches picked up and knitted in ribbing, one end with button holes, the other to have five buttons sewn on.

Sounds good, right? But alas, it looks lousy on me. First photo is the cowl, flat and buttoned as intended.
Taking photos of myself wearing this, I wasn't able to get one worn buttoned that way without it being all bunched.  In the next photo, I have it open and flat. That doesn't work either.

The last two photos work in theory, either partially buttoned or buttoned askew with button #1 in button hole #5, but I don't care for either. Partially buttoned might work if the opening around my neck wasn't so enormous.

I like the yarn used, Marble Chunky by James C. Brett. It works up nicely in a very simple scarf that I haven't photographed yet. I will spend TV time ripping this out.

Tomorrow I will show you a knit project that did turn out well, proof that nothing everything this month has been a downer.

To leave this entry on a positive note, I am positive this cartoon does not represent yours truly. If my husband says otherwise, please know he has been known to exaggerate.


Sewconsult said...

The cartoon is hilarious! The color of the yarn that you used is beautiful. It would go real well with my winter coat that I never wear! It spends more time on the back seat of the van for emergencies during the winter than actually on me.
I have shut down my blog again because of some unsavory visitors, who have decided that my blog might have some girly pictures on it. Are you kidding me! Don't know what I will do in the future. Might change blog hosts.

Chatty Crone said...

Love the cartoon and I loved this shawl - what was wrong with it?

Rudee said...

The cowl is really more like a shawlette. I love the colors though.

The cartoon is cute.