Friday, January 11, 2013


Huh # 1:  Three quarters of a dollar plus three cents

Our credit card company contacted us because of a possible fraudulent charge. They were correct. The card was canceled and a new one has been ordered. What triggered their suspicion? A 78-cent charge to a construction company. Seventy-eight hundred might not have been suspicious at all, not when it comes to construction. We shook our heads, annoyed by the inconvenience and moved on.

A knitter from the group at my local yarn store tried to check her credit balance online. When she couldn't, she contacted them. Her password had been changed, but not by her. After verifying she was the authorized user, they investigated. A fraudulent charge appeared right after the password change. The charge was for 78 cents.

Huh # 2:  Mystery knitting pattern is truly a mystery

I'm participating in a mystery knit-along, knowing only that the finished project will be a cowl. If you aren't familiar with knitting, you may want to skip this and go to Huh # 3.  The directions to a mystery knit along are given in increments. No reading ahead to visualize what the outcome may be. Fun!  Or frustrating!  A cowl can be a hood (think of a monk's robe) or a scarf worn at the neck without long tails associated with most winter scarves. Some patterns have you create them on circular needles, forming a tube that doesn't require seaming when done. But this is a mystery and we don't know the ending yet.

The pattern calls for three different sizes of circular needles to be used with various stitch patterns. Cast on 106 stitches and work 12 rows in a pattern called Linen Stitch. The directions do not say to join the stitches and knit in the round. The directions do not say to work flat (back an forth as if on straight needles). I've not done this particular pattern before. What to do? Listen to my instincts? Of course I didn't. I joined after the cast on to knit in the round. On the third round of slipping the same stitch in each row, I had my duh moment and realized this can't possibly be right. I will start again, working flat, today.
Huh # 3:  ......-....
Did you read those dots and the dash correctly? Today, January 11th,  is Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day.  Those dots and dash aren't my name, but according to the site, they say "huh". Feel free to go see what your name looks like, or maybe a phrase like "TGIF" or "I love you" or "why am I playing here when I could be wasting time looking things up on Pinterest?"  I doubt you can use strikeout font in Morse though. Those dashes would really get confusing.
Your day surely feels more complete now, right? You are welcome.

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Sewconsult said...

Those small fraudulent charges are to see if the account is active and being watched by the financial institution. Our MasterCard is through our insurance company. They caught a charge on our acct from the West Indies. Good to know that they are watching. I also had an order charged on my cc at Nancy's Notions. I order from them fairly often, but when I saw the email verifying my order one morning, I called the NN and my credit card company. It is a pain in the neck when we have to get new cards because we have several things that are automatically charged to our cards. PAIN!