Saturday, March 31, 2012

How closely do you watch TV?

Our younger son is a student of films. He watches TV and especially movies on a different level than hubby and I do. Some of his observations have rubbed off on us. Often we catch mistakes or sometimes a clue as to what will happen later. The random item that seems our of place is probably in the scene for a reason.

Yesterday's weather was gloomy at best, rainy (complete with occasional hail and slush) at worst. We were home almost the entire day and the TV was on most of the time. Hubby caught a few mistakes in movies and programs, such as 7 shots being fired into a paper target yet the target revealed a happy face made of eight bullet holes.

I usually watch TV while doing something else so it rarely has my full attention unless something grabs me. The bullet discrepancy probably would not have caught my eye. Last night I was watching CSI New York while knitting. * Stop reading if you DVR'd it and plan to watch it later so that I don't reveal a spoiler. * 

Okay to continue now?

The police used measurements of the crime scene to determine that the killer was 6'1" and presumably male. The obvious suspect certainly fit that description which of course made him innocent in episodic TV. (Hear that son? I pay attention to what you've been saying!)

Analyzing footprints had them eliminating all but two sets of prints of mens' shoes. A pair of prints left by a woman wearing heels was thought to have been left by someone earlier in the day until it is revealed that trace evidence on the victim had to have come from one of three female coworkers. Aha!

One of the investigators bemoans the fact that the evidence isn't adding up. They have size 7 women's shoe prints but the killer was 6'1" and none of the three women are that tall. "Unless" say the two female investigators in unison "she was wearing heels".

Have you caught what I caught?

I am 5'7" tall and wear a 9.5 shoe. My tallest niece is 5'10" and wears an 11. Even if the killer was wearing 5" heels (and walking around in the cold in NY?) that would make her 5'8" without heels. The likelihood of a woman of that height wearing a size 7 shoe is pretty small.

I can't wait to call my son today and talk to him about this. Have I mentioned that it doesn't take much to amuse me?


SkippyMom said...

Funny. I watch a lot of Law & Order type shows and the "obvious" suspect always has us yelling at the TV "Ok Bob, time to head back to your trailer. You've been written out of the episode after this." B/C on L/O they usually "wrap it up" with Bob as the killer by minute 6 & inevitably by minute 11 or 12 you never see him again. heehee

Try watching older episodes of cop shows when a luxury car goes over a cliff [as they ALWAYS do - are all criminals sucky drivers, I wonder] Anywy the Mercedes may look as tho' it is going on but catch the next shot where it is a Pinto that blows up in a ball of flames. Most often utilized in Starsky & Hutch, the Rockford Files & Charlies Angels. I love this stuff.

Okay - off to spring clean. So much to do. :D Hugs Knitty.

Sewconsult said...

Yep, sounds like you catch some of the same things that I do, but I also critique the script. Most of the time, it is so predictable. I say that there is just a big spreadsheet of lines. They choose a line from column A, then one from Column D & the one from Column B. It formula writing. House and NCIS are less predictable. Even some of the scripts of the newscasters are so predictable... use of specific words.

I almost laughed at the puffing away at the top layer of "powdering snow" and the evidence below! Of course, they had been walking on top of the top layer, just by showing up at the scene!

Rudee said...

I find most films really predictable. I have a hard time with medical shows because I'm in the know. I find it hard to believe the nonsense I'm watching. Grays Anatomy is one such program. ER was not, but I think that was Michael Crichton production, and at least he, as a medical doctor, went for authenticity.

I like watching shows I can watch with one eye while the other is on my knitting.