Thursday, April 5, 2012

A few finished projects

Another odd week in the Knitty house, not be confused with a nutty house. Photobucket

Yesterday I was working on a post for here when the power went out on our side of the street. It was out for a little over two hours. I switched gears and did things not requiring electricity and returned to the computer mid-afternoon. My post was really messed up and after 20 minutes of trying to fix it, I decided it would be quicker to delete and start all over. Before I got that far, I tried to Google something but Firefox wouldn't allow that to happen. I can't quote the message now, but it was a security issue and appeared that something about Google wasn't up to date.

Hmmmm, that didn't sound good. My immediate reaction was to search for that message online, but I couldn't.... Duh!

I found the message through my iPhone but was still worried until I came across someone saying to check your computer's date and time. Aha! The power outage had reset my computer to a date in July of 2003. Once I reset that and the time, everything was functioning as expected on my computer.

My day and week were rapidly getting away from me so yesterday's post is back in my idea file and today I am showing you my completed vest. The length of time I worked on this is not indicative of  the pattern being complex. It really isn't hard, it is a 4 row repeat. I limited my time working on it to knitting sessions in the store. I don't have an issue with the rule about using yarn purchased at the store during knitting sessions, but I have so much yarn waiting at home from ...shhh...other shops, I needed to slow this project down.

The pattern is called Tampa Vest, designed by Julie Gaddy. It was published in the July 2009 issue of Creative Knitting Magazine. The yarn is a worsted weight silk blend. The name has escaped my mind and I can't find the tag anywhere at the moment. Rather than get frustrated though, I will look for it at the yarn store and make note of pertinent info including laundering instructions. Within 48 hours of getting that info, the tag will miraculously show up here at home.
 Here is a close up of the pattern. Please ignore the rectangular color variation. That isn't the yarn, that is how it photographed against a door with panels.
The other long-in-the-works project that was completed this week was a scrapbook of our Hawaiian vacation. Most of the photos were shown here already and some of the pages have info that I'm not comfortable sharing here (last names, an address, etc). I bought a scrapbooking pack of papers and stickers on the cruise which made this project simple once I finally decided which photos to use and sat down to work. These are the first and last pages:

I see beautifully formatted scrapbook pages in shops and online but they often only have one picture per page and a lot of design detail. My books are not designed to win any contests or impress anyone. They are for my enjoyment (hubby might look at this one more time in the next 10 years) and will take me back to a warm, wonderful vacation when I am freezing in Michigan next January.

I have one more room to dust and vacuum before I call it quits for the day. If you drop in over Easter weekend, you are welcome in any of the main floor rooms but don't you dare go upstairs! The beds will be made but I can't guarantee that bunnies won't be up there to greet you, and they won't be the Easter variety. I think this one has become a permanent resident but I don't remember buying her that coffee mug.


Sewconsult said...

Love the vest. One time, I tied a ribbon across the stairway to the upstairs... similar to those that are seen in historic homes, so you (politely) know that going any farther is off limits! At this point, I need to tie ribbons across the front & back doors!
Have a wonderful Easter!
Beckie...your TN Sister.

SkippyMom said...

I'm in love with the pattern & color of the vest. Beautifully done Knitty. I bet it is so soft too. Sweet.

I love your scrapbook page. I'm not a rabid [avid?] scrapbooker, I'm more about the pics too - but I like simple decorations to add some whimsy. I know my kids & husband wish I had some talent there, but meh...not so much. :)

My Spring cleaning is going fantastic if you consider all the things that don't have a place now have a home in our MBR. Sigh. It is always this way. heehee

Hope you have a lovely Easter my friend.