Monday, April 9, 2012

Did someone say Easter eggs?

Colton was probably trying to see around Mommy while she was taking this picture at their house, but he did enjoy the barely hidden eggs here at Grandma's. Figuring he had lots of candy from E. Bunny at home this morning and another good share at his other grandparents at brunch (yes, he actually does have other grandparents. Quite noble of me to share him, don't you think?), I was practical (not easy to do!) and only put one small candy in each of six plastic eggs.

He hadn't reached this one yet when he spotted the next one. Next year is really going to be fun for me for him!

The Easter Bunny had been in touch with me two weeks ago and asked if I could help out with a trip to Target. Happy to oblige, I picked out monkey themed rubber boots, a matching hat, and a watering can.

(Don't worry, my son's face doesn't always look like it does in this picture)

Here we have Junior Mr GQ meets Junior Backyard Gardener.

After he changed from his business suit to business casual look, Grandpa took him outside to test the boots.

 This is how you water flowers that haven't sprouted yet.

Hey Grandpa! Wait up!

Last year I attempted dyeing eggs with Kool Aid. Click here for those results. This year I used gel food coloring (cake and candy decorator's supplies) and really liked the shades. 

I saw so many cute dessert ideas this year but decided not to bake anything because of having candy in the house and knowing that none of us were going to want dessert after a big meal. I did make these, mainly because I had everything in the house to make them and thought they were cute.

The pretzel creations directions are here and are from The Sugar Buzz Pantry.

The bunny pops directions were found here at The Decorated Cookie.

I hope your Easter (if you celebrate) was as sweet as mine. After seeing the first pictures, you know I'm not talking about chocolate. Photobucket


Chatty Crone said...

That was so cute - he is such a cutie pie, sandie

Thisisme. said...

We are blessed with our grandchildren, aren't we?! Colton is such a little cutie, dressed all smart just like a little man. I love it! We did a Easter egg hunt in the garden for our two little ones, and they loved it. They're not really allowed sweets or chocolate, so this was a little treat for them, and I only bought the little mini eggs. Yes, I think it is VERY noble of you to share your beautiful little grandson. Hee Hee!!

SkippyMom said...

I want the boots. :) I love him in his little sweater and tie. Lil' man. So cute.

And what is wrong with your son's face? He looks good in the pic'. :)

I love the pretzel chicks and bunnies. There is something about sweet/salty that is so good. And I am definitely using my decorator dye next year. Those are gorgeous colors. We didn't color eggs this year because the girls were just too dang busy visiting grandparents and a certain boyfriend. :)
Not to say I didn't boil eggs. I did not deny the family deviled eggs and egg salad. Can't break all the traditions at once, can I?

Glad you had a lovely Easter. Such a nice holiday, isn't it?