Sunday, April 29, 2012

R.I.P. old computer

The motherboard on my computer died. A blank screen save for a message that drive 0 and drive 1 cannot be found is a gut wrenching screen first thing in the morning.

I love playing on my iPad but it just doesn't cut it for writing a post or doing any actual business online. I struggled to get a post written the other day and it went poof! right before my eyes. Arrgghhh! That was almost as annoying as the blank screen on my desk top.

Life is good though, thanks to God, hubby and Ron, our computer tech. The computer was old enough to have other issues besides the motherboard, and in computer years, the motherboard was obsolete and would have been hard to find and costly to replace. A new computer was the practical solution. Ron made a few recommendations regarding brands and models, we did some research online and then went to Best Buy. The new one should be operational this afternoon, and old data should be reinstalled later this week.


For those of you who have an iPad, do you find blogging from it awkward? 

Along with a Windows upgrade, it looks like I will have to upgrade the version of Firefox that I use. I am using a very old (again, by computer standards) version because it is compatible with use of emoticons on a few message boards that I routinely visit.

Blogger and Facebook changes, system upgrades, and new hope this old dog can still learn a few new tricks!


Thisisme. said...

Of course you can learn new tricks! I'm trying my best to keep up with all this new technology! I think it's important to do so. I'm sure you will be thrilled with your new computer. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Sewconsult said...

Saying last rites over your computer! Yes, I find any writing a bit awkward on my iPad. Since I am a hunt and peck typer, I really have to do some hunting on the iPad keyboard. I don't even try to post to the blog on it. I hope you will enjoy your new computer. What did you buy? Glad you have some computer savvy folks to help you through it. I am the most computer savvy at our house and that's not saying much at all!
I'm been sick since Wed AM and this is only the second time since then that I have made it to the desktop. Glad to check in again and say, "hi".

Rudee said...

Nope. I can't blog from my iPad.

fh said...

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