Thursday, March 8, 2012

Step right up!

First, a bit of seriousness:   Whatever made me sick in Florida reared its ugly head and attacked me again early this week. I knew it wasn't killing me, but it sure got in some hefty kicks even after I was down. Feeling much better today, I pause to consider all who live with pain on a daily basis, or with chronic illness that prevents them from living the life they'd like to live. I was never without compassion but definitely caught up in my own world that usually only has minor bumps in the road. To those who battle discomfort daily, I both salute your courage and strength, and pray for relief and cures.

Now, onto the fun! Are you ready to attend a Big Top Birthday Party? 
Mommy found this invitation in an Etsy shop. She purchased the download and was able to enter pertinent info about the date, time, phone number to RSVP, etc, all in the same font before printing the invitations, two to a page.
Mommy made this cake, based on directions she found online. It was four 9" layers, alternating chocolate and yellow cake. The popcorn on top and on the tray is actually mini marshmallows. Most had a snip or two made to make them look like popped kernels.The yellow was provided by spray on food coloring, lightly sprayed into a bag of the marshmallows and slightly shaken to unevenly distribute the color. It really did look like butter.
Red and white streamers draped from the basement rafters suggested the big top. Grandpa was pretending to adjust chairs down at that end, but the snacks are to his left. We can't see his left hand, can we? Hmmmmm.
Freshly popped popcorn! Mmmmmmm! Besides other party appetizers, bowls of jelly belly candies and bowls of circus peanuts were throughout the basement. 
The party was for family and close family friends. The young guests each got a take home box with a fake mustache, wax lips, and clown nose among other prizes. 
 Grandpa got some one on one time with the guest of honor before the other circus patrons arrived.
Colton didn't want to let go of his new best friend, Buzz Lightyear.
Sort of looks likes Christmas, doesn't it?
Uh-oh Buzz, this plane is pretty cool. You might not be the favorite toy anymore...just ask Woody how that feels!
 Happy Birthday to the light of many lives, our very own Colton! 
With love from the Carny's Strong Man and the Girl on the Flying Trapeze!


Kelli said...

Such an amazing birthday party. :) I'm sure you'll be scrapbooking pics and details for Colton to look back on in the years to come. What a lucky little guy! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and what a fun birthday party!
Have a lovely weekend!


Sewconsult said...

Hope that nasty bug leaves you alone for a long time! The party details were fantastic. The popcorn on the cake was so realistic. When I first saw it, I thought about how soggy the popcorn would quickly!
Happy Birthday to Colton!
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

SkippyMom said...

What a wonderful, creative party. I especially like the popcorn cake. YAYYY!

Rudee said...

Hmm...I secretly love Buzz Lightyear! I may have to watch Toy Story again today. Perhaps while I'm spinning some yarn.

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! I have a feeling you're a very loving grammie.

As for the bug...those can linger, especially if you take something like imodium or lomotil to stop things from running. Those drugs just slow intestinal motility without killing anything and allow the bugs to set up house. It's better to let things run their to speak. Treat with fluids, rest and lots of A&D or zinc ointments to protect delicate skin. Hope you're better now.