Thursday, May 7, 2009

New placemats

I rarely use a tablecloth even though I admire them in other people's homes. Placemats just seem to suit our home and life style better.

I love dishes, but storage of all that I would like to own would be impossible. A happy compromise is to have fewer place settings of some sets, and to buy Corelle dishes because they are so compact.

Here are my new reversible place mats and examples of two Corelle patterns. The plates (and luncheon plates and bowls not shown) were bought individually. The coffee mugs are not Corelle, but they coordinate nicely.

One yard of each print were enough for four placemats. An oval is a forgiving shape when you don't want to worry about neatly squared corners.

The table in these photos is in our family room and is used for card playing or jigsaw puzzles more often than for dining. It was such a gray, rainy day when I took these photos, I had to pick a spot with the most daylight available. Both dishes and mats brightened my day.


Smilingsal said...

You did an amazing job!

Blondie's Journal said...

I am surprised we have so much in commonI I really only use placemats because the clean up is so much easier than a tablecloth (those I save for special ocassions). I also like to mix and match my dishes. You have some nice pieces of Corell and I didn't know you could purchase them outside of a set! Lovely table!

We too have a table in our family room for homework, games and projects. It also becomes the place to put things when I can't think of where else to put things! LOL!!

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)


dana said...

I love those bright place mats and I am a Corell fan from waaay back! In fact, I added to my collection at a flea mkt last summer! I took photos and never posted about them! You have inspired me to do that!

Happy Thursday and stay away from the lawn mower! Dana :)