Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crocodiles welcome

A very good friend of mine asked me if I would do her a favor. Sure I would.

And then I wondered what I had gotten myself into!

My friend is involved in the preschool Vacation Bible School at her church. Two years ago the theme was the wild west and she asked me if I could paint a horse's head on poster board. The idea was for the horse to appear to be looking over a half door of a stable. The bottom part of the door was a purchased decoration, part of a barnyard package. I did the horse's head with colored markers and it was a big hit.

This year's VBS program is called Crocodile Dock. My mission was to create a swampy looking mural with a fishing shack.


And to paint it on two cardboard display boards that were each 36" x 48" (think science fair display boards). The boards will hang in the preschool room so that they are 48" tall and 72" wide.

BIG uh-oh.

I don't work well large. I don't have a place to prop these display boards up to draw and paint on them. I put both leaves in the table, covered it to protect it from paint, and began.

I didn't like how things were going. I agonized over too many things to list here. Finally I had a talk with myself and fortunately, myself listened!

This is for preschoolers.
The fishing shack is supposed to look worn and a little shabby.
My friend will love anything I do (she has terrible taste! )
And if any 4 year old gets critical, they can meet me in the parking lot. I can still take on a 4 year old! I think.

Here are the boards propped on my hutch. I can't wait to get them to my friend's house. For her to store. For me to not have to look at any more.

The silver thing on the deck/dock/porch is a lantern. I used a silver sharpie but had to make the carrying handle black. I had already drawn the wires that form the cage of the lantern and the silver wouldn't cover the black. The ropes aren't silver but they seem to be glowing in the photo. Life's not perfect in the swamp.

And now my friends, it is getting late and I must say bye to all of you. Or maybe with this swamp thing going, I should just say Bayou.


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Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Great job. You know, now you will be forever painting the main theme posters for VBS. My claim to fame is that I am a good printer. I am always asked to print song lyrics on posters.