Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are we there yet, dad? Are we there yet?

My intentions were good but life intervened. Isn't that always the way?

Hubby and our two adult sons and I are leaving early tomorrow morning for South Carolina. The daughter of very good friends is being married on Saturday.

The search for a dress to wear to the wedding took longer than I expected, but finally I was happy with dress and shoe choices. If you recall from this post , I am fickle and finicky about what clothes I pack, not to mention which books and crafts should go with me. I am happy that our sons are going with us, but four of us with all of my stuff our necessities is going to make for a full Trailblazer. The "boys" are 31 and 29. I can't remember the last time all of us went any distance in the same vehicle.

I had just bought water, cans of soft drinks and snacks two days ago when the bride called and invited us to the rehearsal dinner. How sweet of her! I thought this while mentally panicking and thinking of what I planned to pack that would be suitable for this. Whew! My dress slacks and new top should be ok.

But wait.....

Then she invited me to the bride's luncheon. How. Sweet. Of. Her.

No, really it was sweet, but dress panic set in. Most of what I was going to do yesterday was tabled while I went out in search of a dress that met these requirements:
  • Covered majority of very white flabby flesh
  • Was neither matronly or hoochie mama-ish
  • Would not require another pair of shoes, purse, etc
  • Did not cost an arm and a leg
Those of you who are a plus size or have shopped with someone who is knows that you cannot count on going out and finding something appropriate just like that. Fortunately I did find something and will be able to pack sometime this afternoon. I have a class tonight and won't be comfortable if I am not organized before I leave. Except for makeup products which will packed in the morning. And my curling iron. And my laptop. And books (I may finish the current one tonight). And crafts. And a million other things I will consider before dismissing them as foolish.

Does anyone think I will sleep tonight?

My intentions were to have written some terribly witty, memorable, thought provoking posts and set them up to post over the next five days. Instead I can only offer you this advice: Don't hold your breath waiting for them.

If I don't have a chance to post from SC, I hope to have wonderful tales when I return on Tuesday. We are actually returning on Monday, but I may not be in any shape to write. After so much togetherness in close quarters (we are also sharing a room while is SC), I predict one son will make a hasty trip to his girlfriend's house, one will go to his home and do a happy dance of solitude, hubby will check that the DVR did indeed record 862 programs and I will go upstairs to my bed with no TV and no radio and take up as much room in our bed for as long as possible. Ahhhhh. We love each other. Honest. Now leave me alone. Photobucket

For Monday, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. God bless our veterans and active military!


Blondie's Journal said...

Knitty, you sound EXACTLY like me. I totally go in to a panic about what to wear to all events, what to pack so I have things I am happy wearing outside of the events. My shopping requirements are yours to a T!!! I long for the days when I could buy a dress because it was cute and not one that hid my arms, my stomach, my hips....

And then I have the panic in packing with the airline restrictions on weight. I have to have a selection of things, I have to have the right to change my mind on an outfit. And I need coordinating purses and shoes. As pay~back for my neurosis, my husband let's me lug all my stuff myself through the airport.

You know, I can easily take all the fun out of travelling!

Have a good time and remember, you are not alone. Just have fun!

Nettie said...

Ahahahaha...your post is oh so true...hope that you do indeed have a wonderful time away

andrea said...

have a great trip...can't wait to hear stories when you get back!

Jensmere said...

Oh Knitty...your packing sounds so familiar! I usually spend more time on my book/craft/art/sudoku/etc. bag than I do on my clothes! Oh well, I'm just thankful to be in the good ole USA where there are stores that cater to forgetful women like me!!!

Bless you!

Smilingsal said...

I hope you have a great time.

BTW: bananas come frozen and dipped in chocolate, and they are fried. (That's a Cuban delicacy.)