Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beaded Scarf

We are finally having warm weather here in Michigan, so why am I showing you a wintry beaded scarf now? Because I gathered these photos to show some people in my knitting group and besides, the voices in my head told me to. Photobucket

I bought this kit on a visit to a knit shop in Anacortes, a city north of Seattle, Washington. If I hadn't seen the scarf on display, I may have passed on the kit, but after all the drool I left on the shop floor, I felt obliged to buy one.

It was the first time I had done beaded knitting, but it won't be my last. Here are close ups of the patterned ends of the scarf and of the fringe. Click to enlarge if you wish.

No one was home to take a photo of the scarf being modeled before I wrapped it as a Christmas gift, so here is the awkward self photo in a mirror shot. This was taken so you could see the length of the scarf.

The pattern and yarn are from Blue Sky Alpacas (blueskyalpacas.com) The store I visited had assembled the yarn, pattern and beads into a kit. There are 631 beads in each pattern end of the scarf and 39 in each fringe, a total of 4538 beads in all. The scarf has some weight to it with all those beads, making it a perfectly wonderful passive/aggressive weapon. Don't care for a comment or look your husband/boyfriend/significant other has made? Whip the scarf around while they are in range. Will the police believe them (Officer! She whipped me with her scarf!) or you, looking demure and oh so lady-like in your beaded scarf.

Most people only think knitting needles could be weapons. Be sly, I say, and get them with a few thousand beads.

Your Passive Aggressive Crafter,

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Smilingsal said...

This is so gorgeous.