Friday, May 1, 2009

Dining at Woolworth's

Let's join Sherman and Mr Peabody and step into the WABAC (way back) machine. Are you seated? Is your seat belt fastened? Did you visit the bathroom before you left the house?

Stop fighting back there! Look for out of state license plates or count cows. Yes, we are almost there.

Ok, are you hungry? Cuz here we are!

We're at the fountain at F. W. Woolworth and it is sometime in the 1950s! Order anything you'd like. Not only are the prices so reasonable that I can treat all of you, the 1950s were before we worried over every morsel of food that went into our mouths. Who knew what a carbohydrate was? Triglycerides? Was that an automotive term? Inferior food products coming from other countries? that would happen in America (unless you count crazy Aunt Floss who sends what she calls a fruitcake every Christmas from the 'old country')!

(Click to enlarge photo of menu)

I'm having a Super Deluxe Ham Sandwich on toasted bread (40 cents) with a King Size Coca~Cola (10 cents) and then a Super Jumbo Banana Split (39 cents)! Maybe I'll spend the change from my dollar at the penny candy store on the way home.

Hurry up and order! I am hungry and we have to get home before the street lights come on!


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I think I remember those menus! But I sure don't remember the pie for 15 cents? WOW! I could get fat, real cheap!

Get a DVR w/ your cable & zip right past all those suggestive commercials Knitty! ;o)

Angie said...

Your post reminds me of a really interesting book I read a few years ago called Remembering Woolworth's by Karen Plunkett-Powell.

Joyce said...

I remember they sold Evening in Paris perfume in a little blue bottle and I would buy it every year for my Gram for Christmas. We never ate in WW because my Mom said it was expensive but they had a separate hot dog stand in the store and I was allowed to get a hot dog every few months which was a big deal to me:) Thanks for the memories.