Monday, October 8, 2012

I like Halloween

I've photographed these items in previous years and posted them here, but I'm doing it again because I like Halloween. I like the cute stuff but appreciate well done scary stuff too, as long as it isn't done to scare small children. When the boys were teenagers, we had plenty of zombies, monsters and gore, but there was always a friendly entrance for the little trick or treaters.

Our outdoor decorations are currently limited to a wreath on the door, a smiling pumpkin yard sign, a funny metal skeleton near the porch and a pumpkin and mum on the porch itself. The inside of the house is in full Halloween mode. Gore is out, cut is in.

 Most of these are from a yearly craft show that no longer features such fun pieces.

Bears on the stairs! In Halloween sweaters, of course.
 The curio cabinet lit up at night.
Love this little trio. The glitter pumpkins didn't photograph well.

These two pieces are Jim Shore resin figures.
This witch is suspended from a vent near the ceiling (cold air return). Pull the pumpkin and her wings flap. This was sold by Avon a long time ago, one of my two ventures as an Avon lady.

This trio is made from wood and beautifully painted by a crafter that I've lost track of.
Machine appliqued and quilted wall hanging that I made a few years ago. Now that I'm 60, a few probably means ten, but it doesn't seem that long ago.
While visiting a friend in Ohio, we went to a wonderful cross stitch store where I bought this design to stitch and the matching frame. Sadly, that store is gone now too. Gosh, am I a jinx???

The five views above are my tall curio cabinet, photos taken at night with the lights on. I don't know how to get away from the reflection and glare, but it is better this way than photographed in daylight.
The corner table on the landing by day and by night.
Kitchen window test tube rack (made by hubby) with "The Last Person Who Doubted Me", "Dreadful Edibles", "Deathly Morsels", "Unholy Spirits", "Corns from Witches Feet", "Spider Parts". "Cyanide Sprinkles", and "Petrified Skulls".  Hmmm, anyone want to come for dinner after seeing this?

Suncatchers in kitchen window.
White ceramic pumpkins on hutch by night and by day.

Cauldron with fabric flames.
Odd little string of ghost lights that were hard to place but too cute to not use.
Also on the hutch, a little weighty humor!

A ghost, pumpkins and a skeleton in the family room.

The last four photos are also from the family room.
Happy Autumn and Halloween everyone!


Chatty Crone said...

You have your house all ready - so pretty - I love Halloween too - just fun.

thisisme said...

Gosh, you certainly have a lot of halloween things. They all look great. Love the cabinet all lit up. I just love it how the Americans really celebrate Halloween in such a big way. It started to be like that over here a couple of years ago.

Rudee said...

It all looks so pretty! I love Halloween, but I haven't dragged out the decor yet. Well, all except for my broom, of course.