Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Win some, lose some

There are a few message boards (forums) that I visit that are use a free provider called InvisionFree. Ever since upgrading my iPad, I have had trouble with the dialog box closing while typing a reply. I went to the Apple Store and am pretty sure I was given t he brush off but couldn't dispute what the mere child (surely he wasn't old enough to have a work permit?!) was saying.

Today I downloaded Opera Mini and that seems to be working for my forum issues. Unfortunately Blogger doesn't like Opera, or at least this version.

Can't they all play nicely together?

Has the title of my blog posts changed to a script-like font? I didn't to that. When I saw it yesterday I rest it. There it is again today. I am wondering if it only looks this way to me or does everyone see that font? It looks the same in either browser. Did Blogsy do that or is Blogger changing something again?

I could go off track and mention that I find it much harder to find things on Facebook since they began using Timeline and whatever other changes, but I won't go there. Just picture me rolling my eyes and grimacing.

I can't use Photobucket unless I download something else (a flash player maybe?) and I don't want to do that while I am trying to solve these other problems.

Heck, I should just tackle world peace, how to pick winning lottery numbers and how to decalorize all the foods that taste good. Surely that would be easier than figuring out what works here!



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Nancy said...

Well now you made me feel better by now knowing I am not the only one wanting all apps to work on everything! Competitors should get along! Now where's the ice cream?