Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

I am giving my brain a rest and only having thoughts on Tuesdays. Photobucket

Actually my thoughts are just random today and without a cohesive thread to connect A, B and C so the vague post title is appropriate.

A.  What are businesses thinking when they don't have their street address and business name prominently displayed? I was alone in the car yesterday, trying to find a store in an unfamiliar town, looking for an address like "123 Main".  The street was marked only with the state highway number but I am confident that M-29 was "Main" in this town. None of the businesses had a visible street address. Not one! Photobucket I pulled into a shopping plaza thinking the store was in there. No sign of the store and no addresses on the doors of the shops.   I pulled up their website on my phone with the intention of calling them, but by then I had an attitude and figured they didn't want new customers bad enough to make it easy on us, so forget it.

Yes dear readers, I occasionally get an attitude.
I appreciate businesses that include helpful directions, such as "on the corner of Main and Third" or "across from the library" or park, etc, something that isn't likely to change and can be considered a landmark.

B.  How are you feeling about the new characters on TV shows? (I didn't say my random thoughts were going to be deep ones)  I don't like the new boss on Castle or perhaps I should say that I don't find her a necessary addition to the cast so far. A woman asking to be called "sir" seems ridiculous to me. I still love the show though.

What do you think about the new boss on The Mentalist? The writers did more in one episode to introduce him and arouse my interest than the writers of Castle. I'm interested to see how he works out. He seems awfully young. Was I ever that young?

Has Harry's Law made a mistake with their changes? The show went from two lawyers struggling to find clients while sharing space in a shoe store to being a firm over the shoe store between seasons. I still watch it, but I miss the feel of the old space and the two cast members who have been dropped.

C.  I finished the scarf that I wrote about here but not without some angst. Three quarters of the way through the skein I discovered that it wasn't one solid length of yarn but two. The yarn hides the join well but I need to go back and take some stitches for my peace of mind so that it won't unravel. In looking online for suggestions on how to join this, I found that a few others had the same experience. I also discovered that the same yarn could be ordered much cheaper online, even with shipping and handling costs, than what my local yarn store charged. I do believe in supporting local businesses, but when you can get the same thing for less than half price online even after a class discount, that is too much of a markup.
Now I've shared my ABCs, won't you share your thoughts with me? Photobucket


SkippyMom said...

I only watch Harry's Law - and I have to agree with you. I miss the young kid that went off to law school. I am glad they got rid of the blond chick tho' - she was WAY over written. I do love Kathy Bates tho'.

And, I agree - I want to support local businesses, they have to pay rent/overhead - but that is an amazing mark up on the yarn. Ridiculous. But the scarf is lovely!

Chatty Crone said...

I LOVE THAT SCARF - are they going to be out in the stores this year?

And no addresses makes me nuts too.

And new TV - the only new one I've watched is the one with Tim Allen - it was good - but kind of similar to his last one.

Love, sandie

Blondie's Journal said...

I used to watch Castle a bit last year, but I'm finding that TV really cramps my time for reading. I haven't seen any episodes with the new boss~I'll have to watch.

I know what you mean about business addresses. Here in the city it is REALLY difficult but as of yet, I haven't encountered anyone rude.

The scarf is really pretty...love the color!


Rudee said...

My dear, I'd not find a street sign, let alone an address in Detroit without my trusty Tom-Tom. I've come a long way from asking gangbangers where I might be to feeling more secure in my actual whereabouts. It's appalling how many street signs are actually missing in the city.

Now I'm curious...just where were you going out on M-29?

I'm loving Revenge. I caught up with the first 4 episodes and now can't wait to see who gets their just desserts next on Wednesday!

The scarf is so cute. I may have to break my ban on novelty yarns for this one!

Sewconsult said...

I am watching less & less TV these days...with the exception of NCIS. I love that show. I use to watch House with dedication, but they changed the cast, so I lost interest.

More and more of my day, I find that I am spending most of my time on the computer. I love doing research and of course reading blogs, etc.

Debbie said...

I get the same old attitude about businesses that are difficult to find. It irks me because I'm directionally challenged to begin with. Don't confuse me!