Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stock market advice

Everything is speeding up except me. Night fall is happening way too early and we haven't even set the clocks back yet. I'll vote for any presidential candidate who can deliver sunlight from 6 am to 9 pm. Then there is the matter of months...what's with the calendar pages turning so quickly? And lastly, how come I have a winter cold already and we're maybe midway into autumn?
I know, I know....it could be worse and I shouldn't complain, but what would I write about today?

When this crept up on me last Thursday, I thought I would give into it and hopefully shorten the duration. I cleared my weekend plans. I canceled my date with George Clooney; told Tiffany's and FAO Schwarz to reschedule my private viewings; and gave away my Tigers World Series playoff tickets. What? The Detroit Tigers didn't make it the pennant race? Maybe I do have a fever and am a bit delusional after all.
The chicken soup, extra sleep, comfy attire and attention from Bill have all been nice but I don't think my master plan is working. I think this cold is going to last as long as it is programmed to last. Appliances should be as predictable.

Since my eyes don't seem to be burning today, I hope to catch up on blog reading and exercise my fingers with a few comments.

Want some advice? Buy stock in facial tissue!


SkippyMom said...

Oh Knitty, I hope you feel better soon! Colds suck. Have you tried Benydryl - it is usually used for allergies, but one tablet will dry you up for about 8 hours. As long as you don't have chronic bronchitis or pnuemonia you can take it for a cold too. Works awesome [and this from a lady who hates taking pills. :)]

Good luck and feel better soon. Make sure you get a rain check from Mr. Clooney. :wink:

Sewconsult said...

I really should buy stock in Kleenex! I hope you feel better quickly. I woke this morning to sneezy, drippy symptoms myself, so I am making sure that all rooms are stocked with fresh boxes of tissues... Kleenex!
My brother in law did cash out his stock and is hiding the money under his mattress, but we're in it for the long ride. Surely the bottom is near and we can get back to the upswing soon. We made need it for the "old-folks-home'. My mother is paying over $4k for a month in assisted living.
Healthy hugs to you!

Chatty Crone said...

I keep them in business too - well I do hope you feel better soon!
Love, sandie

Debbie said...

I know it shouldn't have, but your post just made me giggle all the way through. I love a person who can take something like a COLD and make it a joy to read about it.

Hope your eyes stay burn free and you can start feeling up to snuff again.

If you find that Presidential candidate, let us all know!

Anonymous said...

Aww....Feel better soon Knitty! I hate it when I get a cold. Stay warm, drink fluids, and like you say ride it out.
I second Debbie. If you find a presidential candidate please let us know :>)