Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A day in the life of a retiree

6:30   Shut off the alarm clock. Didn't I throw this thing away once we were both officially retired? Photobucket

7:00    Stumble through drying hair and getting dressed and walking downstairs feigning alertness.

7:15    Follow hubby to dealership so that he can drop off his vehicle for minor repairs while still under warranty.

7:45    Listen in amazement to him explain that yes, the left front door window really is the same as the driver's door window.

8:50    Arrive at lawyer's office. Time to update legal documents and get answers to a few questions.

10:10   Leave lawyer's office with questions answered and list of questions from him. Hmmm, can we charge him while we research these answers?

10:30   Arrive at dentist's office for hubby's dental cleaning. Attempt to catch up on knitting before class tomorrow night.
11:20    Leave with only one row done, but pleasant conversation with the office manager and tandem teasing of husband with the hygienist accomplished.

11:48    Stop at home to pick up iPad and head to Best Buy with question.

12:15    Leave Best Buy, hopefully with issue resolved. Engage in embarrassing conversation with hubby. We never go anywhere together in my car, but with his in the shop, we obviously were in mine today with him driving.
  • He asked "When was the last time this thing's oil was changed?"
  • Looking at him driving, I said "Why would I know that? I don't even know the last time my oil was changed!"
  • To which he replied "....this is your car....."
Oops! Photobucket
12:28    Plead temporary insanity because of no breakfast, no lunch and worst of all, NO COFFEE yet!

12:40    Arrive at Bob Evans, order and begin eating. Across the aisle and few booths back from husband is an older couple with something floral laying on their table. When the gentleman picked it up, I was surprised not only that it looked like a weed, but it had just been pulled from the ground and had roots (and dirt!) attached. First the man would hold it up, then the lady, all the while eating their meal. After they finished, he got out a loupe and continued to examine it while they finished their beverages.
(Who knew there's an internet photo of a woman using a loupe to examine a plant???)

1:10    While leaving restaurant, attempt to convince hubby that the plant examination was much more strange than a starving woman who is never the passenger in her own car being confused about whose vehicle she was in. Besides, he is in charge of oil change documentation and all things automotive, right?

1:30    Hubby attempts to take a nap but instead takes 3 phone calls while I discover that my iPad still isn't recognizing our router.

2:00 After discovering that our lap top wouldn't start because the power supply cord is apparently wonky (highly technical term), hubby resets our router and iPad works again. He resumes his nap position on the couch.

2:03   Our 3:00 appointment called and asked if we were available a few minutes early followed by a call from the dealership that his truck is ready.

2: 28   Arrive at appointment, sign papers, say blah...blah...blah and head to dealership. Of three problems, they could only address one because the other two occur intermittently and yesterday those issues were on their good behavior. Wait almost 20 minutes for them to find the truck they had just finished an hour ago.
4:26   Home again where it was my turn to handle phone calls while hubby, bless his heart, vacuumed out my car (the one I barely recognize), washed the mats and took it to the car wash for an external spiffing up because I am picking up a friend for lunch tomorrow.
(Snuggled up against Grammy, almost asleep Photobucket )

5:38   Leave for dinner at Colton's house. Oh yeah, his mommy and daddy live there too because he isn't tall enough to reach everything yet, but he is working on it. Uncle B (our other son) was invited too, so I had to share Colton time.
8:54   Home again, this time for good. Wonder where the day went, wonder when some things are going to get done here, set the alarm for 6:00 (yikes! That is worse than today!) for hubby's golf game, sort laundry for tomorrow and promptly fall sleep while watching TV.


Rudee said...

I'm tired just reading this. I hope you get some well deserved respite from your daily grind.

Sewconsult said...

I think you'd better get a job. Retirement is going to wear you out! Glad that you got so much accomplished. Wish I could.

Chatty Crone said...

Retired from a job that pays - to one that doesn't.


Retired Knitter said...


You were able to function without coffee until 12:28!!!!!


I have coffee before I do anything else - and that includes taking a pee!!!