Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome to Bunnyville

The pictures in yesterday's blog entry were the tip of the bunny iceberg in my house. Here is a tour of most of the Easter decor with brief descriptions. Click on any image for an enlarged view.

On my hutch sits a covered casserole that reads "Spring brings joy to every heart and home" and a pink bunny plate. Part of the plate from yesterday's post is visible in the first photo.

My table top bunny is made of artificial flowers.

A resin pair and a ceramic bunny flank a small accent lamp in the living room.

This basket of hatching chicks are on a table in the living room. The chicks used to chirp when squeezed, but they all seem to have laryngitis this year.

This piece of furniture came from my parent's home. It has always been known as "the room divider". Items on the shelves get changed with the season or whenever I get an urge. The background in this photo is distracting, but it was worse taken from the other direction.

The next shelf features these pieces that were from Avon quite a few years ago.

The next shelf has chipboard baskets that I painted and papered a few years ago. The blue one was featured yesterday. The white bunnies are quite small.

On the curio cabinet near the stairs is this basket of eggs painted by Pablo Bunny. He is a sloppier painter than I am with those paint drips all over his body, but he did a nice job on the dotted egg. Most of the eggs in the basket are inexpensive eggs covered in fine glitter. The white egg was smocked and beaded a long time ago.

Next to the Pablo Bunny is this little fairy girl painting a half dozen eggs.

More bunnies are on top of the entertainment center. The chocolate bunny looks good enough to eat and my son thought the foil wrapped bunny really was chocolate until I stopped him from trying to unwrap it! The basket and bunny on the left are Jim Shore designs. The small white one is a Snow Wonder snowman for April, dressed as an Easter bunny. The candles are battery operated candles by Candle Impressions. They have a timer and go on the same time daily. I was never impressed by fake candles until I tried this brand.

The teddy bear isn't in a rabbit costume, but he is wearing a new sweater as his Easter finery. It is intended to be a baby sweater, but the color is so springlike, I let him borrow it.

Between the living room and kitchen hangs this rabbit wall quilt.

We have two bay windows in our family room. One has bunnies (and an Easter egg print beanie baby), the other has ducks and swans. I made the bunny in the dress years ago from a pattern in a magazine. Her three babies are in her apron pockets. Her dress and apron are faded and need replacing. I'll put that on my to-do list. The duck on the left is wearing a rain hat. Her baby is attached by retractable cord. Don't we all wish we could have reeled in our kids that easily? The swan and her baby were a prize at a baby shower I attended. The duck on the right is holding an umbrella. When you squeeze her wing, she shimmies from side to side and sings "It ain't gonna rain no more"

Last but not least, this dish of unglazed pottery has three bunnies trying to climb instead. The carrots are made of clay. The dish sits on our bathroom sink. My husband looked at it and said "Please don't tell me those carrots are soap!"

The Easter Bunny is always welcome at my house. There are no little ones here now, so I'll understand if he doesn't stop by with a basket, but if you see him and he has an extra Cadbury egg, please mention my name.


Smilingsal said...

Your place is LOADED with cute decorations. I especially like that blue and white bunny on the room divider and those carrots that are NOT soap.

artis1111 said...

I love the flower bunny!! All of them are so cute, it makes me want to be a kid again. Kathy

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Love your bunnies ! The flower bunny is so unique .

Karen said...

All of your bunnies are so cute!!! Everything looks so springy. Happy Spring and Happy Easter.