Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It was time to take the photo of sponges out of the blog header. The urge to spring clean has passed.

I wish other feelings would pass.

I live across from a high school athletic field. The school itself is a block over and a bit east of me, but within view. It is the school my sons attended. Monday night, four students from there were going to Pizza Hut at 8:30. The street they were on is a divided highway. They were in a turn around (we call them Michigan lefts) waiting for traffic to clear so they could pull out and head over to the restaurant. Minding their own business. Following traffic laws. Buckled into their seats.

A 47 year old woman didn't play by the same rules. She was driving drunk. Her blood alcohol was 3 times the legal limit. Her license had been suspended three times. She was driving a full sized van when she swerved out of her lane and hit the kids broadside in their Chevy Cobalt (small car). She had been driving between 60 and 70 mph (according to witnesses) in a 35 mph zone. The impact pushed the car into a utility pole. Three of the kids died either on the scene or shortly after. The driver died Tuesday morning at 5:00 am.

I have lived through my own grief and witnessed tragedy around me often enough to not ask why anymore. There is no good answer. I believe, I have to believe, that everything will make sense when I cross over from this life into the next. But while here on earth, the grief and tears continue. We didn't attend the candlelight vigil at the athletic field last night, but we watched from our living room. We say we can't imagine what the parents of those four young people are going through, but we can. Just a bit. And we don't want to.

It is human nature to get caught up in our daily lives and take good health, friendship, safety, and the well-being of our kids for granted. I wouldn't want every walk out the door to become a dramatic farewell lest it be the last good-bye, but a tragedy like this does make us think. It scares us. The people I love know that I love them. I think. I hope.

To my friends and acquaintances in blog-land: I am enjoying all aspects of blogging. Writing mine and reading yours. This is now part of my morning routine. Throughout the day I see things that make me think of various bloggers, some of which I have never corresponded with, but their style has left an impression. We all touch many lives, probably more than we'd even guess.

Health and Happiness wishes to all of you.


Picket said...

Oh girl...I cannot even begin to imagine the loss of a heart and my prayers go out to those families. I know as i get older it becomes harder for me to go to funerals...I feel such hurt for the families that I just cannot stop crying...there are no words that can be said at that moment that can make that hurt go away...We should always live this day as though it were our last and let those we love know just what they mean to us....take care sweetie.

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh no.....this is just so, so sad. Just thinking of that sort of loss nearly takes my breath away. These families will most certainly be in my prayers....
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Rick said...

Just surfing by and happened to catch this sad post. Very tragic. My prayers today for the families.

The Urban Chic said...

It is so sad when young lives are taken by some stupid drunk driver or any other way for that matter. I wish they would raise the alcohol tax like they did gas and other things. I cannot imagine how the families feel right now. So sad. Love and Hugs, Pat