Thursday, March 12, 2009

I should have done this years ago.....

I should have done many things years ago.

I should have initiated an exercise program that would have strengthened my back so that something strenuous like sneezing or picking lint off the floor wouldn't occasionally cause muscle spasms.

I should have gone back to Weight Watchers when I had gained 10 pounds instead of being embarrassed and convinced I could do it on my own this time. You don't need to know how many years ago or pounds ago that was.

I should have scrapbooked my sons' lives as they were growing up. But scrapbooking wasn't the big hobby that it is today, and no one considered there would be whole stores dedicated to scrapbooking. If you told someone 25 years ago that there would be a scrapbooking store next to a nail salon (not a beauty parlor!) in a strip mall with either a nation wide coffee shop or an adult novelty store with full window displays, let's just say they would have laughed in your face. But I digress. Often.

My little boys are 6 feet tall and decades old. The one thing I did right with most of the pictures over the years was to write the date and event on the back of them. The older stinker got a scrapbook last fall that covered birth through graduation with a few pages of his days in the Marines at the end. I sorted the younger stinker's photos at the same time, but needed a break before starting again. Younger stinker bought a house and I did a small scrapbook that chronicled a surprise party we had for him along with the before and after pictures of his house. There are lots of photos of father and son working together on his house that make my heart swell and my eyes leak.

A week ago I decided to plunge into the birth through graduation scrapbook for stinker #2. My pages look nothing like the wonderful pages displayed in scrapbook stores or on the blogs of dedicated scrappers. I have too many photos over too many years for that kind of detail. The boys don't know that someone else would have done it differently. They just know their mom loves them.

Who wouldn't love this face? These pictures were taken when stinker #2 was three years old.
He still likes to sleep on the couch, but don't tell him I told you.

At the rate I am going, I should have this project done by Easter if I stop reading blogs, cooking or cleaning. I've given up the last two this week, but it hasn't really helped much.


Nettie said...

Don't feel bad about all the "I should have dones", sounds very much like me, ahahaha
Even the scrapbooking, I have every conceivable gadget to make scrapbooking easy, yeah as if? My main problem is to actually do a page. I sit & look at the photographs I want to scrapbook & get lost in the memories associated with the said photograph. Then I pack it all away & make a card or something else instead. Oops!

andrea said...

oh better clean out LOTS of space in that craft room of yours because you have NO IDEA what you have just started!!!! glad to hear you've jumped on the scrappin' bandwagon! :)

The Urban Chic said...

Knit, I am a club member of Nettie's "Gadgets" and right now that's all I seem to be doing is collecting craft gadgets, paper, and embellishments. But hope to get there soon. I have 3 to make, so you are way ahead of the game. Oh the memories! Have fun. Love and Hugs, Pat