Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April showers brought May painted flowers

May Day!  May Day! May Day!
I so wanted to post yesterday with that title and missed the opportunity!

Imagine me knocking on wood as I say that so far, everything is working well with new electronics and I've been able to find all the files that I need. When I logged in to online banking I had to answer questions as it didn't recognize the new computer. That boggles my mind as the connection (service provider) hasn't changed. I'm not balking at the security though.

Did you know that an non-gardener (me) can be an honorary member of a garden club? It is true, and not just any member, I am a lifetime member. I would love to say that I like digging in the dirt and have a green thumb, but neither is true. I've done my share of planting in years past to keep up appearances, but now that hubby is retired, my spade has happily changed hands.

My cottage neighbor doesn't understand how anyone can say they don't enjoy gardening. I counter with how can anyone not use their computer daily?  She still looks at me warily but doesn't hesitate to ask an occasional favor. A few years ago she asked me to paint a sign that would be displayed in the area that the garden club tends for the island, almost the first thing you see after getting off the ferry. I wrote about that here where you will see the original rectangular sign.  Deteriorating edges of the wood led to reshaping the sign to what you see below. There wasn't much left that could be done...
...except stop looking at me with that raised eyebrow and ask another favor. Another garden club member provided new wood that has been treated on the back. Don't ask with what, I am clueless.  They wanted the same scene and the word 'Welcome' added as you see here.
I have happily handed it off for another island neighbor who runs a hardware store to seal before the sign is reinstalled. While I didn't sign the back as before due to the mystery finish, the same sentiment holds as when I signed the previous one Ucant Affordme. Don't believe me? Just ask my husband!

I may change my phone number before this sign wears out. If anyone would like a lifetime membership via sign painting, please let me know and I will give your name to the club.


michelle said...

Looks great. You are so talented. You're not the only one who doesn't like gardening.

SkippyMom said...

Being lifelong black thumbs hubs and I chanced it this year and planted a small patch of flowers. Amazingly enough we didn't kill them and they not only grew [and keep growing] it is safe to say they're flourishing.

With that little bit of confidence we parted with $50 and bought some vegetables and soil to container garden on our back porch. I don't want to waste $50, but if we are even halfway successful then we will recoup the money. I just want the satisfaction of not having to pay $8 for a teeny tiny watermelon or $3.50/lb for hot house/tasteless tomatoes. Wish us luck [and send us some of your green thumbness please. :)]

Your sign looks great. It is fabulous that you could replicate their original almost exactly. I like the signature you used the first time. Too funny.

Sewconsult said...

Dang, I wish you were my neighbor! I could ask you to paint signs and commiserate with me about our lack of gardening desires. Hubby doesn't like to either, so I desperately hired a young college guy a few years ago. I was a charter customer of his landscaping business. I keep him in business and he keeps my yard in shape. His parents live in the neighborhood and when his mother sees something that should be done in our yard, she calls him! LOL! I offered to adopt him, but I think his parents might object.

Rudee said...

The sign is beautiful!

You are truly talented in clearly many areas. It's OK that you don't garden and it doesn't make you odd. I try to plant things every year. The thing is, I get bored and forget to feed the plants, or worse, water them. That makes me a plant murderer, but still I try.