Thursday, May 24, 2012

Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl

I finished a shawl last night, named Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl by Lily Chen. Here is what it looks like on the pattern.
The pattern can be done with any type and any weight yarn. I can't say I made a mistake, but the yarn I chose is very stretchy and won't block nicely to show the stitch pattern as in either example above. That's ok. I chose Pediwick yarn by Knit One Crochet Too because it was the color I wanted. The yarn is 66% bamboo and 34% nylon. If this yarn would block flat, the shawl would be quite a bit larger, but this is just fine.
No one is around to use as a model and since I am wearing a red shirt and don't feel like changing and attempting a self photo, this image will have to do. Here is a close up:
One skein of yarn is 392 yards (360 m) and weighs 100 grams. I used two skeins with a few yards left over.

We are going to a wedding Saturday and my dress has this shade in it. It is supposed to be quite warm this weekend....alright, it is supposed to be downright I may not need this at all. If I hadn't finished it in time, you know the weather would be otherwise.

I'll need another project by Wednesday when I go to my knitting group, but meanwhile, watching Colton tomorrow evening while Mommy and Daddy attend the wedding rehearsal and dinner, Saturday's wedding and this being Memorial Day weekend, I do have a few other things to tackle before I pick up yarn again.

Here is a peek at a non-knitting project I've just started, a beaded necklace. Ignore the yellow beads and spring like things. They are "stoppers" used to keep the tiny beads from working their way off the loose end of the beading thread. The cross weave pattern you see here will form the chain-like part of the necklace leading to and from the back clasp.

This might take awhile......


Rudee said...

Darn that bouncy yarn. Still, it's quite beautiful even if it won't block the way you'd like and with the bamboo, it'll drape beautifully.

SkippyMom said...

The coral is one of my favorite colors . I bet your dress is lovely. And I promise it will be chilly in the church and the reception hall [isn't that always the way?] You will be quite prepared and gorgeous.

Have a great time.

Debbie said...

I think the shawl is lovely, and I'm crazy about the color choice.

I'm trying to play catch up and really enjoyed the girlie/spa post below. I had a simiar experience with a massage. On top of it, the woman didn't really put as much "force" into it as I needed. I have fibromyalgia and really needed a deeper massage. She didn't make a dent, as I say, but we had paid in advance so I used up my whole gift certificate but never went back.

As for the foreign language in the nail places, personally, I think they are really rude when they chat away while you sit right there. JMO.

Laughed about the looking better with the glasses off! As for me, I look better from a respectful distance. Say... ten feet.