Saturday, May 5, 2012

Margarita Cake

Most of us avoid discussing religion and politics unless we really know the people who might partake in these discussions. It isn't that dissenting opinions can't be aired, but we've probably all witnessed exchanges that have turned ugly.

Have you noticed that how and what a person cooks can become a red hot topic? I've heard and read nasty comments about most of the cooks who appear on the various food shows on TV. Don't people have an off button on their remotes? I'm not talking about someone who simply states that they don't like or cannot eat the amount of butter that Paula Deen uses, I'm talking about people who seem to snarl when they speak or write her name. I use Paula as an example but there is some complaint about every one who cooks on TV.

I sometimes cook and bake from scratch and sometimes use short cuts that I find in the store, in magazines or online. This weekend I used an online recipe from Betty Crocker to make a Margarita Cake (Click the link for the recipe). Using a white cake mix and bottled margarita mix, it was very easy to prepare. I didn't have limes so no peel was added (which would have been nice I believe) or used as a garnish. I did not frost the cake with Cool Whip, I added it per serving, eliminating the need to refrigerate the cake.
Photo from Betty Crocker website
The flavor was light and not overly sweet. The pretzel crust was both a nice texture and an interesting taste contrast. Everyone here enjoyed it and I will make it again.

Whether you figure out how to make this without using any boxed or bottled product, or whether you make this according to good old Betty's directions, call me when it is ready to eat. We can enjoy a piece and argue discuss which method of brewing coffee is the only way to prepare coffee. That will be our warm up before we discuss Oprah. If cutting down others is becoming a national pastime, we surely don't want to miss out, do we?

For the record, I do.


Thisisme. said...

Hee Hee! You do make me smile. No, we certainly don't want to miss out on any gossip. I often think it would be wonderful if we could meet up with all our bloggy friends. I just know that we would have such a hoot!!

Chatty Crone said...

That cake looks delish - wish you could send me a piece - if I made the cake I would eat the whole thing and I can't do that! lol

Rudee said...

What a clever crust for a margarita cake. Salty! Brilliant.

I see nothing wrong with taking shortcuts.

When I see anyone I don't like on television, I turn the channel. Life's too short to spend it "hating" on people I don't know. FOr the same reason, I don't read the tabloids, nor do I watch those entertainment shows.

I'm avoiding political discussion like the plague. It's too polarizing and I'm not likely to sway anyone's opinion.