Monday, May 21, 2012

Clean, clean, knit, clean

I like knitting and appreciate clean, but that is all I've done the last five days.

Whine, whine, whine...with no wine.

The hard part about not being 30 anymore. Ok, not being 40...what? You're holding me to telling the truth? Geesh! Not even being a mere 50 anymore is that it takes longer to do things. Now don't be thinking it has anything to do with stamina. I am still woman, hear me roar! Ok, moan might be more like it.

And why is it so hard to get the seal off a new bottle of Ibuprofen?

I can't believe that I used to clean houses for other people. You wouldn't believe it either if you caught my house some days. If you feel the need to inspect my quarters, please hurry over to either the house or cottage now. Right now! But don't look at the cottage windows. Or the stack of stuff in the spare bedroom that needs to go into the attic. On second thought, just close your eyes and imagine clean, neat and happy.

I am attempting to post this from my iPad, something that hasn't always been successful in the past. Speaking of iPads, I should point out that the real reason cleaning takes so much longer now is the Internet. If it isn't someone!s blog begging to be read, it's something on Pinterest that needs repinning or an email that needs a reply or a forward.

If you all would be less interesting, my house would be much cleaner and the shawl with a Saturday deadline would be done by now. We are minutes from home now. Wanna bet dust has somehow gotten in and settled on surfaces that were clean a few days ago? We know the grass is going to need cutting again. Spring's rapid growth plus hubby's fertilizing make a beautiful but demanding lawn. How the heck did we get things done when we both worked?

P.S. This originally posted as one long paragraph despite how I entered the text on my iPad. Anyone know the secret of posting from an iPad, short of using another service like Blogsy?


Chatty Crone said...

Be careful taking too much aspirin! And isn't it funny how we once thought it was so important to clean? HAHA Now we see it is not that important. More fun to blog! sandie

SkippyMom said...

I read Chatty's comment and my doctors warned me away from acetometophin [sp?] and ibuprophen. It can damage your liver. Doesn't seem like you take too much tho', right?

And I agree with you about the internet/blogs taking us away from our "chores". That is why I keep my blogroll small and try not to blog hop too much b/c then I would be adding more and more great people. All my Tadpoles have such great blogrolls to peruse. I need to be careful.

It is a good thing I don't care for Pinterest. I have heard so many people say the same thing. Hard to pull themselves away.

And look, the last time I checked you were retired. Don't worry about dust and stacks of papers. I know if I came to visit your windows, dust bunnies and lack of vacuum lines in the carpet would be the LAST things I would notice. Just as I would think you could care less visiting me. We'd be too busy noshing on cupcakes or pie or something. giggle I like to drop in on my beloved MIL unannounced because if I warn her ahead of time I am coming she starts cleaning her [already spotless] home and preparing me food. I would never do it otherwise, but I am not there to eat or look at her cleaning skills - I just want to visit with her. My gawd, she is 80 - time to not worry about it anymore. I am sooo happy they did downsize from their great big home to a lovely two bedroom condominium. I just wish they had done it sooner.

So what time should I be there? heehee

Rudee said...

I am so close to becoming a victim of recent advertising...I am pricing Roombas. I need some help keeping the dust and dog hair levels down. Although I have a Dyson that does the job just fine, it still needs a human to push it around and that's the part I want to contain! I want more time to knit, knit, spin, knit and dye.