Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's talk spas and girly stuff

Years ago I went to a massage therapist for muscle ache in the shoulder and upper back area. She was wonderful. I booked a series of appointments, a pre-paid package. Her technique remained great but she got chattier with each visit. Where the first visit had been quiet except for questions as to how I was feeling, subsequent visits gave me way more information than I ever needed about her unmarried daughter's problems with her grandson's babydaddy (is that supposed to be one word or two?) and the masseuse's sister who never brought anything to holiday dinners.
Should I have said something? Yes, but it all felt awkward to me. It was easier to remain silent, hoping she'd take the hint, get my clothes on ASAP and get back home. I've had one massage since then that was ok, but nothing like the first woman who has since gone out of business.

Years before this experience, I won a pedicure in a drawing for my niece's school. Oh my, that was wonderful! The problem was that the location was far, far from my home and not in the best of neighborhoods. Once again, subsequent treatments have not equaled that first experience. In fact, some pedicures (not that I've had many professional ones) have actually hurt.
A salon called Luv, part of a chain of mani/pedi salons opened relatively nearby last year. The place was clean, friendly and the techs all spoke English. I don't mean that to sound narrow minded, but the time a young man was actually hurting me, he didn't seem to understand when I was telling him to stop. Oddly enough, his English was crystal clear when it came to the bill. Gosh, now I really do sound bad, but I am a victim of a friend planting a bug in my ear about what the techs might be saying about us old farts mature matrons while they work on our callouses.

A woman from my knitting group mentioned that she treats herself to a facial twice a year because her pores are so large. I hadn't noticed but that comment made me look at mine. I look better without my glasses on. I don't mean when you look at me, I mean when I look at me!
I started pricing services for massages, facials and pedicures at salons within a reasonable driving distance. Boy, oh boy...the wide range of services and fees is amazing. I think of myself as a girly girl, but grew up doing that stuff to and for myself. People in average neighborhoods didn't have facials done and I don't think I saw pedicures offered anywhere for more than the first half of my life.

I am about to call Luv's and try to get an appointment before Saturday for a pedicure and facial. If I get it on Friday, I might even add a manicure. We're going to a wedding on Saturday but I know me...if I get a manicure today, I'll have chips by then. I'm hesitant to go with the laquer manicures that require UV lights to set the polish.

Do you indulge in any of these services regularly? Occasionally when you feel the need to pamper yourself? Do you feel like a new woman afterward? Pamela Anderson certainly looks different after work has been done and makeup has been applied.
Don't you wonder if she was able to lay on her stomach for a back massage though? Photobucket


Sewconsult said...

About 5 yrs ago, my hairstylist decided to move an I hated the thought of finding a new one AND I wasn't even happy with the one I had. A week or so after a disastrous hair color appointment, I had to take Mother to her hair stylist. It is a small shop owned by a mother and daughter. I asked the mother if she could "fix" my botched color job. She did and during my appointment, I found out that the daughter did manicures and pedicures. And they did eyebrow plucking! I was hooked. I drive 60 miles to my hometown for my "spa day". I get a great hand massage and manicure, haircut, color if needed and eyebrow waxing. Even though Mother no longer lives there, I still go once every 4 weeks for my day. I catch up on all the town gossip and hear all the latest news at my childhood church. I love it. These 2 ladies have become some of my favorite people. There are some days that I drive back home (the 60 miles) in silence since 'quiet' is not a common thing in the shop.

Rudee said...

I went to Luvs and found them overpriced. $70 for a nothing special pedi and a manicure that while not bad, wasn't worth the price. I like Royal Oak Nails where I pay $30 less for a better service.. I always get a great mani/pedi from them.

The other thing I don't like about Luv's is that it's owned by the same guy who sells haircuts to men with the promise of scantily clad women to wait on them (Lady Jane's). Kind of turns me off to put money in his coffers.

Try Douglas J school in downtown Royal Oak for a facial using Aveda products. It'll be a supervised student performing the service, but the price is a lot easier to manage than some hoity-toity spa.

Nothing worse than a chatterbox for a masseuse. I agree wholeheartedly that it ruins the experience.

Chatty Crone said...

I but they when they are on sale from Groupon or something like that!
I enjoy it and I think they do make me feel better. Sandie