Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have a pseudonym

We have a terrific neighbor next door to our cottage who lives there full time and watches out for all the cottages when the owners aren't there. Rita is an avid gardener and a member of the island's garden club. When she asked me to repaint their sign, I couldn't say no. The board was in such sad shape, Bill cut a new one and primed both sides with two coats before handing it off to me. Rita told me to paint anything I wanted on it. Hmmmmmm....

The garden club is responsible for the triangular flower bed near the entrance to the island from the ferry. This is where the sign will be posted. It won't be scrutinized up close and personal as a painting hanging on a wall might, it will be seen by people passing by in their cars. Distance and motion (moving vehicles) forgive much so I eased up on the self criticism and almost enjoyed the process.

Rita wanted me to sign my work, but I think I will decline lest anyone think I am available for their requested favors. I might just date and sign the back of the sign with my pseudonym:


Nettie said...

Love the sign you've painted & also your pseudonym...very clever name...hahaha

Pat said...

That sign is beautiful!!!! Well done!! :)