Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Black fly VS Knitty. First round goes to fly

Hubby and I were at the cottage on Saturday and attended a neighbor's graduation party. The weather was cool for July and rained so hard at one point in the afternoon, you couldn't see out the windows. We walked over to the party when the storm stopped. The hosts had tent tops over the food and tables. I wore jeans, shoes and ankle high socks.

Oh, I had a top on too.

The rain came and went twice while we were at the party. Apparently the weather upset the flies who began biting. Unfortunately, the big black flies were in attendance too, not just the common house fly. I was bitten once on my right ankle and twice on my left leg. I spent the rest of the time with my feet up on the bench of the picnic table to avoid more bites.

From past experience, I know the bites will leave a mark much, much longer than a mosquito bite. I vowed not to scratch them and was fine until we came home on Sunday. The bites were sore and itchy so I applied some Sting Eze to them. They felt better and I went to bed. The bites looked the same Monday morning and I applied Sting Eze again. This is how my leg looked around 8:00 AM.

By 10:30, that round welt had grown in size and was protruding at least 1/4", looking like a blister. I was concerned because I had never had that reaction before, and because only one of the three looked like that. I called the doctor's office, got in right away and it was lanced and I am now on an antibiotic and a steroid for three days.

It could be that the fly had been on some plant or substance that caused an allergic reaction when he gnawed the hell out of me bit me, or it could be that he frolicked in something really funky and passed on an infection.

I'm sure in the grand scheme of things, flies must serve a purpose. I fail to see that purpose though, and I am quite certain I am not here on earth to provide sustenance to them! I am soliciting donations for a personal fly swatter. He is a low maintenance, but threatening looking robot. Wouldn't you love to be a co-owner? Wouldn't you love to make my world fly free?

If you don't feel right about sending cash for this worthy purchase, dinners for tonight through the rest of the week would be appreciated. And whoever lives closest might want to stop by to dust and vacuum. Or scrub my floors and bath tubs. I'm sure the doctor meant to order complete bedrest with only a book, a phone and a TV remote to keep me company, but you know the time restraints the doctors are under because of the insurance companies. The doctor left the room before giving me those orders.



Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, I feel so bad for you but I am laughing my butt off at the same time~complete bed rest!!!! I love it!!

Seriously, that is a nasty bite. You were smart to go to the doctor. Have you checked to see if anyone else at the party had a similar problem?

I will be on the lookout for these buggers. I am allergic to everything, even housework so I will not be stopping by! ;-)


Mrs.Kwitty said...

I hate to laugh at you when you are in such pain--but dang, you are so funny! Sheesh, what a welt, I just cringed when I saw that pic...ouchy!! Hope you heal fast!
Smiles, Karen

Nettie said...

Gosh...that is a nasty welt...didn't realise that flies could be so mean...mostly here in Oz they buzz around your face non stop hence the "Aussie Salute" ie - waving your hand back & forth while outdoors during summer.
Calamine lotion perhaps to ease the itch?

Anonymous said...

Recently I had my own bout with bug bites. Ants, I think. They got me when I mowed the lawn. I should have gone to the doctor, and then told my husband that she advised me not to mow for the rest of the summer.