Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Whatever happened to real News?

Michael Jackson died on June 25th. Today is July 7th. Why is he still the lead story on the morning news broadcast? Is nothing happening nationally or locally that might merit a mention?

Remember when there were magazines devoted to the goings-on of Hollywood starlets? When teens read Tiger Beat (and whatever publication followed for the next generation of tweens and teens) to find out which singer/heart-throb loved another singer/heart-throb?

Was People magazine the beginning of the change in what we are fed as news or did it start on TV and People caught the wave? I'm not slamming People, Us or other magazines like them. None of us have to read them if we don't like them. Turning on local news stations for weather, traffic and perhaps to hear a bit of something newsworthy in your own backyard is a different story. Don't we all have certain expectations or am I the only one?

What I would really like is happy news story once in a while, wouldn't you?

With that in mind, I have some great news for you! Today is Chocolate Day! Thursday the 9th is National Sugar Cookie Day!! Sunday the 19th is National Ice Cream Day!!! and Tuesday the 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day!!!!

I don't know who to credit with originating these days of recognition, but I am here to bring you the tasty news.


Smilingsal said...

Whenever I feel overloaded, I just don't watch/read the news.

Now, Ice Cream Day is super special news!

Blondie's Journal said...

Knitty...As I was reading your post, I was also watching the Memorial Service for Michael Jackson and I had tears in my eyes. So many people are mourning the loss. And I believe all the chaos in planning the arrangements has been the biggest reason for all the media coverage.

I have noticed that People Magazine has turned into a typical tabloid as opposed to what it started out as; a news forum featuring people from all walks of life. I think it became a sinking ship and went the way of the tabloids. How can we argue with that when there are so many businesses going under and people trying to hold on to their jobs.

I don't disagree with you in the least about all the bad news we are bombarded with everyday, I barely skim the newspaper in the morning. But as I watch this Memorial, I can't help but feel a lot of love in the Staples Center and around the world...and that puts a warm feeling in my heart.