Saturday, May 7, 2011

What are you watching?

U-verse has changed my life, but is that a good thing?

When my younger son still lived at home, he recorded hundreds of shows per week. Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration, but it felt like it. At one time we had 4 televisions and the same number of VCRs and on any given night, at least one and perhaps all four would be recording something between the hours of 8 PM and 11 PM. He was a film student at the time and some of it was homework. Or so he said. And the check was in the mail and the dog ate his homework. Photobucket
TV viewing had lost importance with me. I would occasionally watch a recorded show with him or a show as broadcast with my husband.

Even after this son moved into his own home, my viewing habits were pretty routine and I didn't watch much prime time TV. Then my older son began selling Uverse. We fought changing systems for a while. We were happy with Wow, but what are you going to do when your son is pushing selling a product? Of course we succumbed.

Hello, my name is Knitty and I am a TV addict. Photobucket

There are more shows than this on our 'scheduled series' lineup but some are Bill's favorites that I only watch occasionally. I stop myself from committing to any more shows otherwise my eyes may grow square, or perhaps I should say rectangular now that we have a flat screen TV.

Mike & Molly
The Chicago Code
Hawaii Five-0

Castle is my Monday fave, Hawaii Five-0 is one I can live without.

NCIS: Los Angeles
The Good Wife
Body of Proof

Love them all, my favorite night of TV is Tuesday. Would anyone like to discuss Gibbs or DiNozzo fantasies? Or having a soft spot for McGee? Or are you old enough to remember when Ducky was a heartthrob?

(The gagging noise you might be hearing is Bill who shouldn't read over my shoulder or my sons who should realize mothers are human, even if our children do warp us!)

Hot in Cleveland
Retired at 35
Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

I love Hot in Cleveland.
If Suspect Behavior doesn't improve (in my opinion), it won't be around next season. I don't care about the characters personally the way I do in other series.

The Mentalist

Both of these are faves of both hubby and myself.

Blue Bloods

Ok, so besides liking the story and cast, who doesn't want to look at Tom Selleck for an hour on Fridays?

I am hoping Detroit 1-8-7 returns but already can't remember what night that was on. And soon the summer replacements will begin. Rizzoli and Isles, Men of a Certain Age, Southland and The Closer come to mind.

I hope summer storms don't cause power failures.  Photobucket

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Chatty Crone said...

You watch tv as much as I play on the computer. I am addicted to this.