Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are haircuts painful?

Yesterday my grandson got his first haircut. It looks painful, doesn't it?
It was the buzzing clippers that he didn't like.

Don't try to distract me with a cell phone....
....unless it has a Sprout (children's TV channel) app on it
Did someone else just come in? Are they here to see me too? This tiny shop is full of parents, grandparents and admirers. 
 Why yes, thank you sir, I do like being brushed off.
Grandpa and Daddy didn't cry at all when the clippers were used on them, but I'm sure it was because I sat on their laps and comforted them.

Grandma Knitty, on the other hand, being a big brave girl, went to a salon all by herself a few days ago and got more than a few hairs cut. It wasn't painful at all.Photobucket
If only it were this easy and painless to trim off excess weight....

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Changes in the wind said...

Love your new hairstyle...very becoming...