Monday, April 4, 2011

Am I getting less serious?

Those who have known me a long time would probably never characterize me as a serious person if your definition of serious includes somber, strait-laced and studious. Actually, I can be and often am studious, but I needed another S word for alliteration and couldn't think of another appropriate one. Photobucket

The idea of me becoming less serious might cause eyeball rolling among some Serious, Strait-laced, Somber acquaintances but I think this is good for them to witness. Their eyeballs need more exercise anyway.

So what prompted this blog entry? Serious cable network news yesterday. I don't know what channel or program Bill was watching but the talking heads were aghast that there is so much media coverage of the royal wedding. "There are important things to report!" they cried.

Well you know what? I cry over much of what is being reported.  Photobucket

Obviously we do need to know what is going on around the world but I need a break from dismal news. With no disrespect intended, I can't change things in Libya, repair the reactors in Japan, adjust rising gas prices, stop wackos everywhere under ALL brands of religion from verbally and physically attacking those who don't subscribe to their beliefs, break up drug cartels once and forever or stop gang violence.

My attempt at making the world a better place is to take care of my family, hopefully bring smiles and assistance when needed to my neighbors and friends, and branch out from there. Pay it forward. The butterfly effect. Random acts of kindness. I hope that one day we all will begin to concentrate on what is good around us and want to spread more goodness. The older I get (and darn it, that seems to happen every day!) the more I cherish peace and happiness.

I am not really a royal follower but I'll take news of the wedding over another hour long argument over who is responsible for body counts anywhere on the globe. What we all need is balance. I do hear and read about the dire news. The wedding reports are reminders that we don't need to be furious or frightened all the time, and occasionally tears shed while watching the news might be happy ones.
 Now here is something I could get serious about, a book about knitting and is about the royal wedding!  Click here to read about the book at Amazon.
I might need the book just for the Corgi pattern! 

And on a last serious note on royalty....Here is the Prince of Sweetness gazing at his Queen Mum. He never worries about whether or not I am too serious. At least not yet.


Blondie's Journal said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you, Knitty. There is only so much we can take of the bad news we hear constantly, every day. My husband has it on ALL DAY and it drives me nuts. I try to get him involved in a good movie or comedy and he flips right back to the war stories.

We need a little fluff in our lives, something to make us smile and dream.


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE seeing your picture - you are beautiful - I first feel now that I have met you.

And I totally agree. I pray all the time for the world, but some times it is too much. You need to step back and chill a bit.

And however you have to do it and with whatever you need to do - it's okay.


Kelli said...

You always say it so well. Sometimes I think we hesitate to speak up about the way it all brings us down when we're bombarded with it constantly because we can't help but think of the families who CAN'T tune it out temporarily or push it from their minds for a break. And yet we still need that break for our own mental health. I think it is our natural instinct to try to step away from the bad and turn to the good as often as we can. It doesn't mean we don't remember or that we care any less about everything that's happening in the world.