Monday, August 31, 2009

Autumn abundance

First of all, it isn't autumn yet despite the fact that the temperature was 49* outside when I woke up this morning. I've written a formal complaint to Mother Nature and she replied. Did you know Mother Nature swears like a longshoreman and basically doesn't give a rodent's posterior what I think or want?!!!

When I was a kid, I loved school. I loved new school clothes, new supplies and the anticipation of new teachers and what I would learn. I was a nerd, but I was happy. Residual nerdiness still affects me this time of year and go into scheduling mode. Sometimes over scheduling mode. This year is no exception other than some of scheduling is not my fault. I am just caught in the whirlwind. And not complaining one bit.

My son and his girlfriend are looking at houses. In order to take advantage of the first time homeowners tax credit, they have to move quickly. Hubby and I looked at houses with them yesterday. I know once they find one, Hubby and I will helping them move in, and that will probably include painting and pulling out shrubs because that is what Hubby likes to do now. Got any vines you want pulled? He and my sister-in-law are great at that.
Hubby will be working for a week or so in Las Vegas, probably his last time working this particular convention. I was going to go as it is unlikely we'll go to Vegas on our own. My ticket hasn't been purchased yet but I'll need to decide soon.

Halloween is a big deal for me, even though we don't have as many trick or treaters as when my sons were little. I still enjoy it, decorate for it, bake for it, and usually dress up to hand out candy.
We'll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. I can probably shop for it without a list. I just need to remember to clean the house before everyone comes over. Real spider webs on the light fixtures might be explainable for Halloween, but not for Thanksgiving.

Bill's godson graduates from Clemson in December. We are going to that the week before Christmas.

Christmas! Yikes! Somewhere along the line I am going to need to shop for Christmas!

Countdown Clocks

And let's not forget the baby shower in either December or January. Did you hear that I am going to be a grandma? I don't think I mentioned it yet in this post. Those who know me well will know that I have more baby projects planned than is humanly possible to complete.Maybe I can do without sleep. Purple shadows under my eyes won't look bad, will they?

Purple! I forgot to mention that I've signed up for 8 weeks of watercolor classes again! Three hours, once per week, plus homework, add in baby crafts, the trips, cooking for Thanksgiving (notice I did not mention cooking on a regular ole week day), a load of laundry here and there and a few trips to Kroger for diet Coke and coffee yogurt...if I give up sleep, I should be able to get everything done.
I hope to post fun and funny blog posts while all of this is happening, but I may not be a regular for Blue Monday, Finished for Friday, or any other meme for a while. I'll still be reading your blogs in the mornings over coffee.

This autumn is truly abundant. Maybe that is why it is starting while still August.


Blondie's Journal said...

You need a very LARGE calendar, Knitty. My word, you are a busy Gal!! When will you be in Vegas? We go every October, usually the 2nd week.

I have taken all sorts of art classes over the years. I live a few blocks away from a university. I also love the writing classes and was thinking of taking one this sememster.

I think we like to make plans now because summer is all about vacations and parties and carefree time. Fall is a bit more structured, perhaps as you expressed in preparing for school when you were younger. I am making plans in my head for a nice "fall cleaning" so the house is immaculate while we are cooped up all winter long! lol!! Yes, we are having cold temps too! I am looking for flannel pajamas tonight!!


SmilingSally said...

My temperatures are in the upper 80s, so I'll not join you in decorating for fall--not yet! You go right ahead, though, and then I'll get inspired.

Knitty said...

If I go to Vegas, it would be the first week of November. I am not much of a gambler and the last time I was there, having seen most of the tourist sites over the years, I made a map of quilt stores and found six of them to visit.