Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let the pampering begin!

My name was drawn in a giveaway hosted by Cailin at 5 Kids, 2 Labs, 1 Lizard and a Hermit Crab Besides being a busy mom and both dog and reptile caregiver, Cailin is an Arbonne consultant. I worked with a woman who loved Arbonne skin care and cosmetics but I never got around to trying the products.

Isn't it exciting to have a package to open? Especially when it is something you've won!!!

The contents included Intelligence Herbal Foot Cream (do all of you bloggers know how bad my heels look? I've tried not to photograph them), Intelligence Hand Cream (love these names), Aromassentials Sea Salt Scrubs in Unwind and Awaken, About Face Sheer Shine Lip Gloss, FYI It Shines Lip Gloss, Lip Saver with SPF30, REactivating Body Serum, REfinish Body Lotion and facial care samples.

If I wasn't dressed and ready to head out for a busy afternoon, I would wash off what I've done with my old products and try everything out right now. Alas, the pampering will have to wait for tonight.

Please visit Cailin's blog (click on title above) for fun reading and email her if you are interested in Arbonne products.

I need to go now. The sooner I am done running errands, the sooner the pampering can begin!


CailinMarie said...

aw thanks girl! I hope you enjoy each and everyone!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Wow, you really scored! Good for you Knitty...you deserve it!

Elise said...

Hello, just wanted to leave you a commment to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts today. You have great pictures too.

Best wishes