Friday, August 28, 2009

Check out the barefoot twins holding up a finished autumn quilt at Lit and Laundry by clicking on the Finished for Friday logo at the left.

My post today doesn't look much different from last Friday's because my sock obsession is still going, but there is a difference. The current self striping sock is stalled (don't ya love alliteration?) while I wait for new needles to arrive. I want to knit the ribbing on slightly larger needles and couldn't find them locally so I ordered them from Knit Picks. They are one of my favorite online/catalog sources.

The cream colored strip is a scarf that I started a few days ago to use up two skeins of leftover yarn. I tried quite a few designs until I came up with this one. It appealed to me because there is no wrong side to the scarf. I like a scarf that looks good whichever way it is turned. Still being a work in progress should disqualify it for Finished for Friday, BUT by deciding to use this pattern, I did FINISH the decision making process!
The baby sock was done in an evening, just last night. I will finish the mate to it tonight. My niece that I posted about a few days ago will have plenty of socks made by her mom, so this pair will be going to my grandchild, due in March. I still can't believe it when I say or write "my grandchild"!


Threeundertwo said...

I think decision making definitely counts as a finish!

Love the tiny baby sock - how exciting! And the scarf is a cool pattern.

Thanks so much for joining in and have a great weekend.

owlfan said...

Making the decision is sometimes the hardest part of a project, so it should definitely count. Also you did finish one sock.

I like that striped sock a lot.

Lisa said...

That tiny baby sock! AWWW! That is sooo cute! Your new grandbaby will be adorable in them!

Someone gave me a set with a sweater, booties and a hat for my older son and I got his pictures taken (professionally) in them. He looked so sweet in them. I love those pictures.

Elizabeth said...

I agree, a scarf should be pretty on both sides because it gets flipped all over.