Thursday, August 27, 2009

The waiting game

My middle niece (of the Michigan variety) is pregnant. She went to the hospital yesterday after her water broke. When a call came a few hours later, we thought it would be an announcement. It was, but not what we expected. The hospital sent her home because her contractions weren't close enough together. They were 7-8 minutes apart. The hospital said to come back when they were 3-4 minutes apart. She posted on Facebook this morning that she is still walking, walking, walking around her house.

Once upon a time women were kept in the hospital once their water had broken and the mucous plug had passed. We were told that the risk of infection was greater without them and that delivery had to occur within 24 hours. Did medical science change their opinion or is this a case of insurance companies overruling good medical practice again?

While Jess paces her home, probably answering questions that her four year old is likely asking, the rest of us do what we do best. Jess' hubby will be trying to make her as comfortable and calm as possible, which is not easy at this stage. Her mom is probably scrubbing surfaces down to their underlying layers. Her dad sits quietly looking calm but undoubted is not. Her sisters will each jump every time their phones ring. Bill would probably call me to see if I heard anything except that Jess's oldest sister works with Bill so he will probably know before I do when the new arrival comes. I am flitting from one thing to another, keeping positive thoughts.

And of course, we all are praying.

As you read this, whatever your spiritual orientation may be, please send a prayer, a hope, a vibe, whatever you may call it for good health and an easy delivery. And ask for it come as soon as healthfully possible.


And thanks.

**Added info Thursday evening** I haven't spoken to Jess, her sisters or mom yet, but apparently her water didn't break after all. This has me confused. She isn't a first time mom. I hope that if she has any doubt, she is being heard and not brushed off. This information came home with Bill who heard it from the niece that works with him.


jerilynne said...

I always thought once your water broke you were at the hosp till birth happened too..o boy have times changed...

All of you are in my prayers...

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I will keep your niece & her family in my prayers Knitty!