Thursday, September 3, 2009

Simplifying Chaos

My head has been spinning the past few days. I thought writing about in my last blog entry would make me feel better. That and making lists. Then I needed a list to keep track of my lists. I fully realize that my mind is racing much more than my body, and in fact, if my body were reacting as quickly and achieving as many goals as what pops into my head, I would be downright skinny and so productive you would all be green with envy.

Don't worry about buying concealing makeup for green undertones.

Two days ago I began knitting a border for a baby blanket. The pattern is old and British. First I had to mentally switch gears as English terms in knitting and needlework are often different from American terms. I thought I was lucky that I had the exact yarn that the pattern called for, although not quite enough. The center of the blanket was an easier pattern than the four borders which were to be sewn onto the square and then sewn together with the appearance of mitered corners. I started with one of the borders to see if the directions would drive me crazy. They almost succeeded.

I took the project to my knitting session last night and thought I could pay close enough attention if I wasn't talking while working. Every other row was simple knitting across all 185 stitches. I timed my conversation to occur on those rows. Somehow I still made a mistake.

While out and about with my sister-in-law yesterday, I tried to buy two more skeins of this yarn, hoping that since it is white, matching dye lots wouldn't be a problem. Neither store had this particular yarn. Once home, I looked online and learned that it had been discontinued in 2005. Uh oh. What if I conquered my mistake in the border pattern, made all borders successfully and got 3/4 through the center of the blanket and ran out of yarn?

You know what? This is a pretty pattern but there are other pretty patterns out there. I took apart what I had done last night and went to bed at 11:15, trying not to worry about the things I wrote about on Monday.

This morning I looked at the calendar and decided I could make my life easier by dropping the watercolor class. I called and took care of that and since the class isn't scheduled to start for three more weeks, my refund will be a full one. Whew! I was feeling better already.

After lunch I went to another yarn store to look at patterns. There are lots of cute blanket patterns available, and I very well may make one of those at a later date. For now I wanted to work on something classic, something to use the white yarn, something that could be used at a Christening if Mommy and Daddy choose to do so. In the smallest book on the store's shelves I found exactly what I wanted!

Today has been a very good day. I feel a bit more in control and my goals seem more achievable if you don't count winning the mega-lottery as a goal.

Now if someone would just plan meals for next week, make the grocery list and go shopping for me, the day would be perfect! Anyone so inclined can reach me at 555-SLO-DOWN. Don't fail me on this. You don't want to burst my bubble!


Blondie's Journal said...


I think sometimes we set ourselves up for failure by asking ourselves to accomplish things that are just over and above our capabilities. No offense...

If we feel we are getting behind at the office, we might take on a complicated project or craft (knitting???) in the evenings. If we are failing our watercolor classes, we might go home and decide to re~sod the backyard!! It seems we are always trying to sabatogue ourselves when we feel failure may be iminent. (Now this is where you would insert a quote by a professor of this or that at some high faluting university...). We just load that plate up higher bcause if we are going to lose at one game, we certainly are going to win at another. And the more we are doing, taking an exercise class, going to bingo on Thursdays, Bookclub on Saturday, the more odds we have that we will be patting ourselves on the back for accomplishing something, even if it was just precariously balancing that full plate. !! Might we actualy LIKE to have too much on our plate??

I think you came to realize all of this without really knowing it. You chose a different blanket pattern that wasn't going to give you headaches and you cancelled the painting class. Your "sane self" said, "You can make the Royal Family's Favorite Fuscia Blanket" after grandbaby comes". And maybe you will never take the watercolor class (switch to oils~they are aeasier. Trust me). But I think you feel better now.

I know all of this because I do it all the time.


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

You are too cute! Your excitement over your grandbaby just ooozes from your post.

BTW I have a little somethin' somethin' that makes me think of you every time I see it... would love to send it to you. Email me your addy?

ClassyChassy said...

I have a lot of projects yet to complete, but I'm getting them done slowly, one week at a time. I don't typically sign up for classes, as there is not enough time in a day! Sometimes it's good to just 'eliminate' things on the list - get rid of half started projects, cancel that class - whatever - to get done the more important things in life! Bless you!