Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aging gracefully

My days haven't been long enough lately. Doesn't everyone feel this from time to time?

I hope to catch up on blog reading today, but in reality, it may not happen until Friday. My older son is coming here today and one of the first things we are requires leaving the house. More on that in a minute.

First of all, if you read my last post and didn't get the referrence to Kanye West, his latest antic is described here. What a self absorbed brat he is, and that isn't what I would really like to call him.

On to personal stuff, Bill and I looked at houses with the kids on Sunday and came home too tired to cook. Mother Hubbard has taken over my kitchen and there wasn't anything to cook for 5 people so we ordered carside-to-go from Applebees. House hunting is exciting and frustrating at the same time, not to mention occasionally shocking when you step inside some homes.

Yesterday was my birthday and I must say, I don't look bad for 82. Too bad I am only 57. Not sure where that puts me on the scale of looking my age. We never look our age in our own minds though, do we? A good friend called me today and commented on a local fire that claimed the lives of the elderly couple who lived in the home. My friend knew the couple as the gentleman had worked with my friend's husband. Beside the shocking tragedy, the media is referring to the couple as elderly. Yikes! The couple is only a few years older than my friend! No one would ever use her name and elderly in the same sentence, and I hope that will be true of me when I reach her advanced years! (Just kidding T...ya know I envy your head of hair without any matter what it costs ya!)

Ahem, I have to be nice to her since I am going to lunch with her tomorrow. She and I are taking our convalescing friend out. That friend had rotator cuff surgery on the 10th but it hasn't stopped her from beating my score on Bejeweled, a game we both play on Facebook. So much for thinking she would be handicapped for a few weeks and I could get ahead of her score....

This morning the local news said that a sinkhole had developed overnight on the main road east of me in my city. They didn't mention cross streets and the the video was taken in the dark without identifiable landmarks. That street only runs for 6 miles in this city so it should be easy to find. And I did try to find it this morning. I thought I had when I found a section closed off and police flashers blocking the street. Unfortunately, that was a traffic accident. The accident victim had to be cut from his car, but was alert and hopefully not badly injured. There was no way that the door would open which necessitated cutting him out. Because the traffic cop didn't seem overly burdened directing traffic, I asked him where the sinkhole was on this street. He looked at me like I was nuts. He didn't know anything about it.

When my son gets here, we are heading out in the other direction to find the sinkhole. I called the news station and they didn't have any further information on the story. Whomever I spoke to said "that's strange, isn't it?"

Ya think?

I want to find out if the reporter got it all wrong or if the traffic cop was woefully uninformed.

If you hear from him that an elderly lady approached him with this question at the scene of a traffic accident, don't you dare believe him! He still had adolescent acne and now that I think about, maybe his badge was really that of a crossing guard.

Dang whippersnappers!


Blondie's Journal said...

Knitty dear, you are stressed. Plain & simple. You spent more time trying to locate that sinkhole than if you had just hit it and had to fix a flat!!

Happy Birthday. I don't know what you look like, but I am sure it isn't 'elderly'. These days elderly isn't so much an age as it is a condtion. My father is 82, but he is not bent over, does not have arthritis, has all his marbles and wits about him, so I would NEVER call him elderly. On the other hand, if someone his age has all of the above afflictions, I would say they were elderly.

Just my opinion.


jerilynne said...

Happy Late Birthday! Hope you had a great one..