Friday, September 11, 2009

Here, there, everywhere, all at the same time

This time of year always pulls me in different directions. I valiantly hang onto summer while thinking about fall decorations and upcoming holidays. This year there are many more factors in the mix. My newest great nephew's arrival, house hunting with my son and his girlfriend, plans for a baby shower, preliminary wedding plans and my husband's upcoming retirement all swim in and out of my thoughts no matter what I am doing at the moment.

Today is our last day at the cottage. I worked hard for a few days, enjoyed the company of good friends for a day, dog sat for a cottage neighbor for a few afternoons and still managed to loaf a good bit of the time. At least that is what my body was doing. My mind was thinking baby, wondering what color dress I'll wear as the mother of the groom (tentative wedding date is next October), remodeling the cottage (too much HGTV and DIY viewing!), worrying about two projects with deadlines that I haven't begun yet, and wondering if I can possibly learn to use a graphics program and create my own blog backgrounds by reading a book or two. In my spare time. Photobucket

I really like the design of this background, but I'd like the posting and photo area to be wider. I'd like to use Minima Stretch as my template, or at least something that allows that amount of room for posting.
I googled for information on how to create your own background. Without understanding what the heck the supposedly easy directions said, it looked like:
  1. Tsboendd eoednd ahdoue dodihtl doghesel.
  2. Hoetondaegha dgeumsjklym
  3. Kdidbdad, dwfy mcjsd!
  4. Take a deep breath, turn off the computer and go have a stiff drink!
I plan to switch to a simple stretch background in a few minutes and leave things alone for a while. Or until I learn how to get things the way I want them. Photobucket


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Knitty,
It seems hard but it isn't. Put your template on a stretch minima, use the background you have right now, it looks cute. To make your pics bigger is simple as pie.When you post, Just download a pic, click on large, then click on edit html, you will see a bunch a gobbly goop but all you need to change is the s400. Just delete the 4, type in a 8, then save, then go back to compose and it will be big! Once you get the hang of it it goes pretty fast! I learned from another blogger, and although you can't make your backgrounds as cute you can add lot's of neat larger pics. Hope this helps. Cindy

Knitty said...

Thanks Cindy. I'm not sure if you read this after I had changed to the current background or not. I've used stretch minima before and picked a solid color but I wanted something a little different. The color resolution on my home computer is different than that of my laptop. This background is yellow on my laptop but has a strong green undertone on my desktop computer. I've had so much trouble with that one lately, I hesitate to change anything on it.