Thursday, June 25, 2009

T-shirt funnies

Today is June 25th. As a public service, I am reminding you that you only have 6 months until Christmas, and would like to suggest you simplify your shopping by buying T-shirts for everyone on your gift list this year. Here we have shirts for most occasions, provided you have a warped sense of humor.

First we have work related shirts:

Shirts for animal lovers:

True confessions:

And lastly, shirts for deep thinkers and those who can always use good advice:


Smilingsal said...

LOL Oh, I loved reading this! I think I'll order several! LOL

Picket said...

Oh my word..some of those are just too hilarious! Thanks for coming by...but about that hobnob milk glass lamp....girl I can't even find one of those for myself! lol have a great weekend my friend!

printersdevil said...

Those are hilarious!