Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Instant gratification bracelets

Sometimes a project which should be so simple ends up being agonizing. Such is the case of my blue summer sweater, shown in its early stages here. I finished it Sunday. It was big and looked dumpy on me. Hmmm, maybe wetting it and blocking it will do the trick. No such luck. The dang thing grew!

The yarn is a blend of bamboo and wool and is machine washable. I washed it again this morning and have it laying flat, again, to dry. It looks just as big as ever and it has blue fuzzies of lint on it. Oh, and it stinks when wet. Literally. Compared to what I would normally spend on yarn for a casual summer top, I spent a lot on this yarn. That just makes it more painful.

I have no idea yet how I am going to salvage this project. Right now it is drying where I don't have to look at it. Banished to a corner, so to speak.

Thank goodness for simple bracelets! A bit of beading wire, some clasps, crimps, beads and a few tools and voila...instant gratification!

Does anyone else think of pimento stuffed green olives while looking at the small bead combos dangling off the last bracelet? Maybe I shouldn't bead when I am hungry!


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

The bracelets are so pretty. So sorry about the garment that turned out too big.

Terry said...

Oh wow those are all so pretty.
I love them all .
Thank you for sharing these gorgeous bracelets today
The photos are fabulous.
Hope things work out for you with the sweater.
Have a blessed rest of the week.
Happy Trails