Friday, February 27, 2009

Doesn't this say it all?

I know we have three more week of winter officially, and more than that in terms of weather here in Michigan, but I couldn't stop myself from displaying a bit of spring indoors.

I went to Home Goods for one item and came home with these two additions. The wreath is across from my front door on a narrow wall, and the basket of eggs is on top of a curio cabinet at the front window. The odd looking item on the lampshade is a leaf. It is part of the shade, but doesn't photograph well.

Spring can't come too soon, can it?


andrea said...

the wreath is adorable. is it time to get out Easter stuff already?! if so, i guess i need to find mine... :0

Karen said...

Oh, I love spring decorations. I'm looking forward to spring, too!