Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is it true love?

Remember being a very young girl and thinking you would know true love immediately? You probably had an experience that followed when your world crashed down around you when you found out your one true love didn't love you back any longer. Did you ask your mama if you would ever find true love? Or maybe you were young enough to think your mama didn't know anything, or you didn't think you could ask her such a question. I could talk to mine, but I didn't really believe her. She loved me. She was my mom. Of course she would say that I would find someone wonderful.

Next month will be the 37th anniversary of the night I met Bill. Did good friends introduce us? No. Was it a romantic setting? Hardly. It was the parking lot of a bowling alley and bar! Did I know right away? No, but after talking to him for an hour or two and not remembering what any of his friends or mine had been talking about, I knew something special was happening.

We've been married since 1975 and I've never doubted or regretted anything about our relationship and marriage. Thank you, Mom, for telling me the truth. Thank you too, to all the dates and boyfriends who came before Bill. They weren't mistakes, they were learning experiences. Thank you Dad, for having the patience to wait for me to discover their flaws instead of strangling a few of them as I am sure you wished to do. In my youth, I didn't realize what a good example my parents were setting. They were just my parents, people I took for granted.

After all these years of marriage, Bill and I sometimes discuss the difference between being comfortable and sure of each other versus taking each other for granted. Am I comfortable and sure that he loves me? Yes. Do I take that for granted? I suppose I do sometimes. Why this post on this day in my blog? Because I had a miserable cold and my dear husband who hates to go to the store and who fiercely avoids taking medication went to the drug store Saturday (Valentine's Day), asked the pharmacist what I should take that wouldn't interfere with my prescriptions and would make me feel better. I have one dose left in the box so I will be going out for more this afternoon, but I am saving the cover of the box that he bought me along with the Valentine card he gave me. The showier displays are wonderful, but the little day to day things are truly much bigger.

Is this true love? You betcha!


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Awww, what a sweet post Knitty. It is the more mundane thinsg that mean the most, isn't it?

andrea said...

so super sweet...isn't love grand?

The Urban Chic said...

Knit, that is really funny, because that's where I met Al, in a bowling alley and he proposed at the same alley. It will 38 years for us in April.Hope your cold is better. Love and Hugs, Pat