Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lost in books

Thankfully the cold I've had hasn't left me with that miserable hot, scratchy eyes feeling that makes it hard to read, craft or even watch TV. While I haven't done much knitting and zilch on any other crafts, I have watched some TV (sometimes in a zombie-like trance) and have gone through books almost as quickly as Kleenex.

I am an equal opportunity reader. I will read almost any genre, but lately I find myself drawn to light mystery series written by women. The last three books have actually been eight stories as two of the books were compilations.

This book was chosen because I like Joanne Fluke and had not read the other authors. Based on these stories, I will probably stick with Fluke when I look for another book.

This book contains the first three scrapbook mysteries by Laura Childs. She also has a tea shop series and a Cackleberry Club series of mysteries. Check her website for information on them. I've read some of the tea shop series and will look for more of the scrapbook series and also the Cackleberry Club which is completely new to me. I am comfortable with her characters. I don't walk in their shoes, but they don't behave in such an outrageous fashion that I can't empathize with them.

I am not a prude when reading, but sometimes character behavior detracts from the plot for me. Stuart Woods' books come to mind as I say this. The plots are ok, but every woman that his Stone Barrington character meets is drop dead gorgeous, wealthy, intelligent and willing to drop all her clothing for him within 10 minutes of meeting him. Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art I guess I don't relate because I am merely drop dead gorgeous and intelligent. Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art

Last night I finished Through the Grinder which is book two in a series about Clare Cosi, a coffeehouse manager who solves crimes with her ex-husband. I liked it well enough that I will look for the first and third (current?) books in the series.

This last picture is exactly how serene I look while reading. Except my gown is a robe. And there isn't any lace. And my hair is messier. And I wear glasses. And most noticeably at the moment, my nose is red.

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