Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love on Wednesdays

I've joined Coloradolady's Love on Wednesdays photo meme. For more information, click on the cute picture of her furbabies' toy.

If it were daylight, I could take a photo of the the hearts that greet you at my front door. Since it is after 10 at night, those photos will have to be taken tomorrow for another Wednesday. I'll bypass the entrance for now and show you the hearts that are on the wall opposite my front door. Is three just a nice number in decorating, or do the three hearts represent the men in my life? I'll let you decide.

These two figures are small. Sometimes they are tucked into spots while larger objects steal their thunder. This year I've tried a minimalist approach (which is a real stretch for someone like me!) on top of the entertainment center. These figures sit with an assortment of candles. They watch us watching TV.

May we all have Love in our lives on Wednesdays, and every other day of the week!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Love all the LOVE you have in your home

Coloradolady said...

I just love all your cute little hearts! I like how your cuties watch you watching tv. How fun! Thanks for participating...Have a "lovely" day.

Smilingsal said...

I like the quilted hanging hearts just inside your door. Thanks for sharing.

Bo said...

Hi, this is my first visit...cute, cute love decor at your house!
;-) Bo

April said...

What pretty "Love" decorations! Enjoy your day!

gin said...

Oh how I love that heart hanging.
I enjoyed visiting your blog.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

"or do the three hearts represent the men in my life?"

Awwww, too sweet!

Homespun Simplicity said...

I love the quilted hearts. I might try to make one of these one day.