Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who can help with headers?

The good news, said with fingers crossed while knocking on wood, is that my preferred computer is virus free again and in use! While I consider myself very lucky to also have a laptop, thus preventing me from internet withdrawal, using it just isn't the same. What can I say? I am a finicky old phart (feminine version of the word) who prefers a portable phone, sometimes even the corded wall phone, to using a cell phone. Holding a portable in a shoulder scrunch is hard, holding a cell that way is impossible, but I digress...

The best feature of my laptop is the 17" monitor. When I am working on embroidery software , the extra width is great for detail. The same is true for another very important daily use: online jigsaw puzzles! But did this extra width lure me into a false sense of design ability? Last week when I decided to change my background on this blog, I thought I would go with a simple, solid page and add graphics in the header. The candy hearts image was sized and re-sized more times than an unwanted Christmas fruitcake is recycled. On my 17" monitor, I finally had the image and blog title the size that I wanted. Aahhhh, my little world was so pretty and peaceful.

Ack! This morning I opened this blog on my other computer and the I had to scroll to the right to finish reading 'Lazy Days and Sundays'. Uh-oh. And the candy hearts were much wider than the box defining the title area. While I try to figure out the wording to google for an answer to my question, does anyone reading this know how to set the header image and font so that it will scale to whatever size monitor is used by each reader?

Computers sure are humbling, aren't they? Just when you think you know what you're doing BAM!

The header issue is nothing compared to getting a virus. If I haven't already warned everyone, be very wary of pop up messages that warn you that your computer is at risk. I ignored the warning for two days because it didn't feel right. Before I did succumb, I examined the warning closely. Everything about it looked legitimate, but it wasn't. Choosing either the "click here to fix this problem" or "ignore" button is what installs the virus. If you have any doubt when a message appears, go to your anti-virus program and check for yourself to see if something is going on with your computer. I had been searching for a photo of an actor when this happened, certainly nothing I thought was dangerous.

I think I am starting to resemble Maxine a little too much. I am going to step away now. Thanks for any header suggestions you may have.

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