Friday, January 23, 2009

Ants, not in my pants

It is January in Michigan. There is no stinkin reason for ants to be inside my house! If I find the travel agent who advertised Vacation at Knitty's Hideaway, I am going to do some serious harm.

We don't have a basement here at Knitty's hideaway. Our home is built on a cement slab. It has been unusually cold this month and apparently ants don't like the weather any more than I do, hence their vacation to a warmer climate....inside my house.

One occasional ant dropping by for coffee doesn't wig me out.

Opening the refrigerator to get olives for martinis is getting a little pushy, in my opinion.

This trio was too much! Get out of my computer room and put that video camera down! The computer room is right across from the bathroom and I don't need anyone filming what happens in there!
The last straw was when I saw this guy with his blueprints.

I had vacuumed a battalion of ants and within 30 minutes, new ones arrived. I vacuumed them up, then washed the kitchen floor. An hour later, two more were in the same area, obviously making plans. I went upstairs to get my purse so that I could buy ant traps. I stopped in the upstairs bathroom and saw something on the wall behind the toilet. Yep, another ant!


Ants follow the water pipes into the house which is why they hang out in the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom downstairs. The one upstairs either thought he was outwitting me by relocating, or was into exercise and climbed the extra distance for a cardio workout. Exercise can be deadly. I killed the invader and flushed him!

The clerk at the grocery store told me that ant traps aren't in stock yet, it is the wrong season. Ha!

I bought a pack of three at the hardware store. As I was opening the package at home, I noticed two more ants trying to soften me up.

Too little, too late. Besides I am a happily married woman and if I were going to stray, I would stay within my species.

My neighbor to the west of me told me last night that they had an ant problem a few weeks ago. I haven't seen any here yet today. I wonder how my neighbor to the east is doing? Think I should call and see if anything is bugging them?


Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

You are a riot! :-) Every once in a blue moon, I've had problems with those huge ones that look like they could throw your sofa on their back and make off with it.
:-) Fortunately I haven't seen any of those industrious little critters in my house in a long time. Hope yours decide to seek shelter elsewhere soon!

andrea said...

Right now, ants sound better than a litter of kittens...which should be coming here very soon; I AM the crazy cat lady!!!!

The Urban Chic said...

Girl, your humor has not changed and this one is so delightful. There used to be this really cool pen like thing at the hardware store that you could mark a trail where food doesn't touch and would prevent the little critters from coming in. Hope the warm weather comes soon for ya'll. I hate the 40 degree and tonight freezing temps, so I know how you feel. Hugs, Pat