Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

No, I didn't make up a new holiday, but combining Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day doesn't sound unreasonable to a craft addict. I should be doing many other things today, but I am SO TIRED of it being SO COLD here in Michigan that I am rebelling. No sense being practical and productive when you feel like this, right?

Yesterday I made two fabric fortune cookies. The inspiration is here at the Brassy Apple, but I didn't follow Megan's directions exactly. I didn't have iron on interfacing, so I sewed the fortune cookie on the left the traditional way (two fabrics, right sides together, thin quilt batting on top, sewn almost completely around with an opening left for turning). The one on the right is simply layered and stitched around the raw edges. It would probably look better if done on a serger, or done with matching thread, but these are my prototypes.
I think they are cute and plan to try it them using wool felt next. The mug in this photo was a $2 find at Home Goods. It was supposed to make me feel cheery despite the cold weather. It isn't working. I should have sprung for the $3 mug....maybe that one would have been more powerful!

This morning I thought I would try paper fortune cookies, based on directions given here, at For the Love of Paper. I have paper that has a coordinating print on the other side that would be cute for this project. If you look closely, you may notice that the paper cookie is about to spring open.

A second swipe of adhesive solved that problem. Here are my fat free fortune cookies on a heart plate with today's coffee mug.
Even though I drink decaf, I really NEED coffee to start my day, even when the weather is warm.
* sigh *
Remember warm weather?

I think I am done playing around with blogger templates for awhile. Maybe. I can't rearrange furniture the way I used to, so playing with the blog appearance has been a handy substitute. I do have a photo I'd like to use in the header, but that is on the sick computer.

* another sigh *

Oh, and silly me...those ants that I thought may have moved on? They are doing the macarena in my bathroom as I type. Couldn't I at least have ants that are up to date with the latest dances?


andrea said...

the fortune cookies are really cute; i made some paper ones last week...a little frustrating, but cute.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Love the forune cookies. Would love to make some paper ones for an asian table...thanks for the link. They sound easy enough...I may actually complete one!

dana said...

Your blog is just too cool! I love your Valentine fortune cookies.

I also LOVED seeing the darling and exquisitedly made baby gown and bonnet!! You are one excellent seamstress!

Last, I nearly peed my pants laughing at that Best Man's speech! That was wonderful!!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you how sorry I am about your ant problem--I can't believe they are visiting you in the dead of winter!! They must've missed your company!

Stay warm--we're freezing here in MO!! Dana

The Urban Chic said...

How cute are those. Might have to try them "One Day"! Stay warm. Hugs, Pat