Thursday, July 31, 2008

Preparing for a party

Our younger son is in the process of buying his first home. He is waiting to hear when the closing will be, and we know it will be within three weeks. My husband and I are hosting a surprise party for him next Friday. He knows we are having a party, but he thinks we are celebrating his uncle's birthday. Arrival of relatives won't surprise him, but when his friends and our neighbors show up, we'll watch his reaction and then tell him that the surprise is on him. Guests are bringing him things that every house needs from paper towels to sugar, and from screwdrivers to pizza coupons.

The house he is buying is in excellent shape, but we all know that there are unexpected expenses when you move in, especially when it is the first time on your own. Remember the movie The Money Pit with Tim Allen? That phrase has been on my mind as I listen to all he would like to do to his house. With that in mind, I created these wrappers for Hershey Nugget candies.

I found the image of the house sucking up money online, rotated the image, added his name and the words "Money Pit", then pasted it in the middle of an Avery #8160 mailing label. It is the perfect size to wrap around a Nugget candy.

There will be a bowl of these on the table at the party for everyone. I will definitely use this idea again, especially since I have a whole package of labels!


andrea said...

hey - jack of all trades...ever think of holding a "tags and wraps" class? :) i would come!!!

The Urban Chic said...

Hey Knit, did they do a new Money Pit movie? The only one I have seen is with Tom Hanks. If there is a new one, I want to see it---we bought a money pit, but digging our way out of it-lol. Hugs, Pat